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Thursday, May 21, 2015

Getting it together.

Well, after two back to back head colds, I decided to look at my diet.
According to google, most people don't get enough protein, and since I eat no meat, I bet I really don't get enough protein.
So I am adjusting.
First, a Greek yogurt every day, 20 g of protein.
Next, a protein powder that is 23 g of protein a day, that I can add to a shake, or to the yogurt!

Google also says that the other deficiency that leads to frequent colds is a Vitamin D deficiency.  And I know I have one.  In fact, every one in the north country is Vitamin D deficient.  We don't get enough sun to be otherwise.
So I am starting a daily D3.

My youngest daughter grew up on plain yogurt, bananas and wheat germ.  She thought it was a treat, and she eats it to this day.

Now that I can stay "home", there is a lot of straightening up and organizing that needs to be done, before we can get back to work in the studio.

So Lois and I first dragged out the loft, took all the fabric that I don't want, out to the barn.

I had some new shelves built,  here is all my chenille, except for the bottom 6 cones on the right.

Over here is all my cotton.

More cotton over here.

And some miscellaneous stuff over here.

The pantry/bath got some rearranging too.

Bit by bit, things are getting put in their place.
It's funny, even though I have half the number of looms that I used to have, and basically HALF the space, it seems somehow that the studio is starting fresh.  It not only has a new look, it has a new feel, more focused, more peaceful, more inspiring.
I'm liking it.


Deb said...

Thanks for the info on Greek yogurt, I don't eat meat either and need to watch my protein intake. It's always a concern. Hope it helps you fight those head colds. Your home/studio is really coming together.

Unknown said...

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thotlady said...

It all looks lovely.

518Frenchgirl said...

Hi Hilary, I'm glad you are getting it done so you can get back to weaving soon. We make a blender full of protein shake 3-4 times a week and I can nurse my ration to 1 or 2:00 PM, so it ends up being 2 meals, I'll grab a KIND bar and fruit late afternoon. The banana, yogurt and wheat germ looks yummy. Things are looking good with your spools.

Daryl said...

a bit of advice .. if you start to get hand or leg cramps/charleyhorses .. its from VitD ... i think this VitD deficit that everyone i know was told they have is a bit of bull the VitD lobby is perpetrating .. so there ...

purple said...

lawks you have a lot of stuff!
I am a brand new weaver and I'm trying to make a rag rug on a wooden frame I made.
I can't justify buying stuff until I see how it goes.
but I am jealous of your supplies!
your rugs are glorious :)

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Because every thread counts