Monday, March 16, 2015

What not.

 Finally,  the laundry area is tastefully contained.

Lois and I proved once again that there's not much we can't do if we set our minds to it.

Although, we did have our doubts for a little while.

I had my computer hook up moved from the living room to the dining room, in preparation for living at the studio.

The Time Warner technician got his part of the job done in jiff time.  But after the drudge of moving all the electronics, we had to try to figure out how to get the computer DESK over there.
It is not a typical rectangular shape, it is 20" on one side, and 40" on the other.  And if that's not difficult enough, one side in regular desk height, and the other is 44" high.

Visualizing it was not easy.

We finally turned it on its side, got it half way through the door, where it had to be turned AGAIN.
Then down the hall, and through one more door, where we had to do the two time flip again.

 But it's all moved.
Just don't tell us it can't be done.


Then it was time for a well deserved day off.
I went to see the "peach", because there is nothing to make me smile more.

We went to a great little Italian restaurant  Perreca's in Schenectady.   They make the best pizza crust you will ever eat anywhere.

Dale was a little serious at times.
Every now and then she pointed to the 'boo boo' under her nose.

But she's a trooper.  She didn't remember it for long.

Saturday was another busy day, I had a student, who did marvelously.

 And while she was working I took all the heddles off the Union 36, because they were twisted, 
laid them out on the table, and put them all on again.

Today I am resting, kind of.  DH would say not so much.

I made this lentil salad that is smelling up the fridge with garlic.

Tomorrow, or whenever my next post occurs, I'm going to talk about the perils, and the joys, of getting older.


Country Girl said...

The perils and the joys - ah yes. Good to see you, Hilary. Oh, my. Little Dale is getting so big!

Sweetpea said...

I'd say you gals certainly ROCK - looks mighty fine from over here!!

And that lentil salad ... oh yummmmm.

Linda said...

Hilary, I was born and raised in Schenectady!

Peg Cherre said...

Ooooo....I love lentils, but never thought to make a salad from them, only soups & stews. I'll have to give that a try!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ahhh Woman Power!
KarenInTheWoods and Steveio
(Blog) RVing: The USA Is Our Big Backyard

Susan said...

Oh, that serious face! What a doll! I like your new office set up. I'm looking forward to your next post - while I'm aware of the perils, I could use some good news... :)

Daryl said...

oh i like your resourcefulness and ingenuity ... so clever you too .. and sweet Dale ...

thotlady said...

Ah yes, getting older. It is lovely isn't it. :)

claudia said...

Hoping not to sound company here...I wish I was where I am twenty years ago, so I could enjoy the here for longer. But such as it is, I am enjoying what I have and where I am and maybe more than I know, because I am older and now appreciate this better! Did that make any sense what-so-ever???

claudia said...

That was supposed to be complainy, not company.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts