Sunday, December 8, 2013

Low pressure

" What's this Christmas Tree you speak of... "

 (that was her Daddy's Facebook post, and I loved it so, I blatantly stole it, so you could see this thoughtful little girl giving him the eye)

I love her so much!  We all do.

It was a busy weekend at the studio.  I did not sign up for the annual Christmas in the Country tour,  the second year I have opted out.  I wasn't sure how my head would be behaving, so decided to just be "Open", and leave it at that.
I guess some people figured I should be on their route, so they stopped anyway.

I was intent on  weaving table runners.
Still loving my AVL ........

There's a mistake in this one, didn't see it until I saw the photo.
Can't swear here, right?

We have a new "sock" rug that you might like.......the colors are more earthy, and the rug is a little thinner than most sock rugs, and super durable.
I think it's a winner.
Not sure what to call it.

My head, or my personal barometer, says that a storm is coming.  The weatherman concurs....he calls it a winter advisory.
 Days like these, I just try not to think about it.......I keep busy, and trudge onward.
Blue skies are coming.  I just know it.
I'm setting my sights on them.


TexWisGirl said...

i do like your earthy sock rug. very nice. good luck with the storm!

Dizzy-Dick said...

What would Christmas be like without children? And you got a cute one there to spend yours with.

Country Gal said...

Beautiful work ! Such a sweet Little girl lovely photo of her ! Hope the storm leaves you in more ways then one ! Thanks for sharing ! Have a good week !

Hilary said...

On the bright side, you might have a new career developing as a meteorologist. On the really bright side, Dale is just adorable.

I think I'm going to need you to help me select rugs and colours for my place.

Karen said...

Love the earth tones, can see any mistakes.

How about just call it PEACE ON EARTH.

Carol from MN said...

bark.... call the rug.... bark

Anonymous said...

Hmm, I think the new rug looks like birch trees in winter.

Susan said...

What an adorable - and wise for her months... - baby! I really like the sock rug and the prospect of a thinner rug. Plus the earthy tones will allow it to remain on the floor longer (as in hides dirt). We did not get a storm down here, but it's always a different story 'up north'. Hope it skips you.

Daryl said...

she is adorable ... and such wise eyes

Vicky said...

She is beyond adorable and such depth in her eyes! Yes- my body tells me when the storms are coming too and all we can do is hold on and hold tight and know that better days are ahead.

Rain said...

Beautiful baby ! Beautiful earth tone rug!! Hang in there Hilary ..... Healing thoughts to you daily!!
Rain :)

Susan said...

What a beautiful granddaughter! I hope Mother Nature is kind to you until the buds open for Spring, XOXO

SpinMeAYarn said...

Hi Hilary,
just wanted to say Thank you for following my blog, not that i have written a lot in it recently, but I am beginning to remedy that now, with shorter more frequent posts and a photo per post, now that I have finally found the cable for the phone to talk to the pc....!
As always, I love your photos of babies and weaving and cats, and your take on life,
Keep on keeping on, right?
oh and how I wish I lived in US to buy one of the sets of loopers and mini looms, but postage US to Ireland is prohibitive, so another time...
regards to you at this time of year,

Shiralynkay said...

I am always amazed at your attitude. You are made of some strong stuff. I am still praying the darn headache will someday go away.

Sharon said...

So much to be thankful for - we're still here, it's another Christmas and we have more grandchildren to celebrate it with. That's rich. I understand opting out. It's so much easier to do than I had realized, especially when you have a (clean) dog to cuddle with :)

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Because every thread counts