Tuesday, November 12, 2013

All the news that is news.

I think we should call this one "Black Jack".........although we don't really know if it's a Jack or a Jackie........either way, Next does NOT want this intruder near his dish.
So poor Jack has to eat out in the driveway.

And we're guessing that, while not exactly feral, he has reason to be afraid of people in general, cause he runs if it even appears that you are coming outside.

But Black Jack has ideas of his own, and we've seen this before.  It was exactly how Nuff started out.  They did the posturing, they fought, they tolerated, and then they became buddies.
I hope that it happens this way again, so Next won't be alone outside.  I have tried to bring him in, and he really doesn't want to be there.  

Next just really wants to make it clear......I AM the boss, this is MY place.
If you agree, then there's food and water, and a couple nice places to sleep.
A solar house, too.

 I had a BAD week last week, right through yesterday.

 But I am doing a Scarlett O'Hara impression, refusing to think about it.

On the studio front, Crazy as a Loom is still in business, in spite of my dual role as a SLUG.

The fall delivery of socks and loopers is all packed away in the barn.  The yard is cleaned and looking GOOD.  (thanks, Claire)

I am keeping a schedule that should embarrass me, but doesn't, not really.
I get there, I do some stuff, just nothing like I used to.
Times have changed.
Trying to find my new normal.
And occasionally, I weave.
Have mercy.
Thank goodness for 75 yards of warp that will keep me busy for quite a while. 
And tomorrow,  time for a visit to that sweet girl, and her Mommy, who is also a sweet girl.

Here she is in a sweater that her Mimi (that's me) made her.
Heart be still.


TexWisGirl said...

i hope black jack will be accepted. sweet little sweater girl.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh that baby girl. So so beautiful.

It's getting cold so if Black Jack is a smart cat, he'll find a way to stick around and get along with Next.

A Brit in Tennessee said...

Jack is certainly the scaredy cat, but I bet you couldn't run him off with a ten foot stick :)
Sorry to hear you had struggled this week, I only hope that your days will become more good ones than bad. Kudos on the weaving !
You have one sweet little reason to make you smile, even on the bad days...

Anonymous said...

Oh Black Jack you are one smart cookie, finding such a great place to call home.

Love the sweater girl, she is growing so fast.

Devon said...
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Connie in Hartwood said...

1. It will be good if Next has a kitty friend.
2. Your 'normal' seems to be a moving target.
3. OMG!!! loopers and socks in a semi!
4. That is a spectacular sweater. You're such a great Mimi!

Happy Hump Day!

Karen thisoldhouse2.com said...

oh, what a precious bundle of love. She came at just the perfect time, don't ya think?

Black Jack has found respite from his weary world, you are a good soul.

Hilary said...

Beautiful kitty.. but gorgeous little Dale. You are surrounded by beauty. But dammit, H.. I'm hating that you're still struggling with pain. This is just wrong. I so hate that for you.

Susan said...

First, I can't believe you're called Mimi--that's what my grandson named me and although, I have asked them to call me Grammy, Mimi is still their preference. Beautiful cat and I hope he warms up a bit to have a buddy and a wonderful place to sleep.
I know what you're going through with the constant pain and I feel for your struggles. Continue to listen to your body, rest, and know you have friends that wish you well, XOXO

Cupcake Murphy said...

That is one little sweet pea.

JC said...

I hope you can eventually pet that cat. I would sit outside and just talk to him/her. Take it slow. I'm sort of a feral expert having owned one very very feral Siamese.

The sweater is almost as cute as the adorable baby. lol

You will have the new normal. It won't be what it was before but you will learn to like it. It's called survival. You did it.

Give Roy a pet from me and the girls.


Tiggeriffic said...

Oh you are so awesome to take in the cats that come to your place..They are so blessed..I love Next..he has quite a layout~! Someday maybe he will learn to share with Black Jack..at least a comfy chair..
Love the little bundle of Joy..and the sweater you made for her.. what a sweetie...I'm sure she fills up your heart with lots of love.
Have a tiggeriffic day~! ta ta for now from Iowa:)

Unknown said...

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Devon said...

If I was a kitty, I would love to live at Crazy As A Loom!

I bought a dish towel last month and love its softness, size, and color. It is wonderful; I need to get another!

I'm sorry to hear how difficult last week was for you. I am hoping your good days out number your bad.

Just curious... which books did you end up reading? There were so many good suggestions... maybe a review?

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts