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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Little of this, little of that, lots of work

I guess I've mentioned before that the "inside porch" is our shipping department. It is also the place where stuff gets dropped off.  You know.......those things you are going to find a place for.......soon.
I am embarrassed to say that there have been TWO bales of selvedge out there, weighing 200 lbs each, for 5 or 6 years.  OK, maybe 7.
Anway, they were stacked high with boxes and other things, so it was easy to forget them.
But honestly,  knowing they were there was pretty annoying.

Taking care of them has been on our list of things to do, and yesterday we tackled it. 

They come out of a compactor, and as soon as you cut the wires holding them together, the bale literally grows before your eyes.
We sorted and bagged one bale before lunch.  Then we did the second one after lunch.
What a job.
For those of you who aren't familiar, this the material I use to make the Adirondack Lodge Rugs.

 I have to say that our helper was not that much help.

So today, we cleaned the porch.  We had moved everything to get the bales out.  And it was a huge mess.  
There has not been this much floor visible in a long time.
It's a good feeling to get jobs like this done.  But I think I can speak for L when I say, we're beat.

We're still cleaning, and organizing, and moving stuff around.
I feel like I am rewriting the story.  Like I've been unavailable for a long time.
I guess in a lot of ways, I have been.

 It's raining now. Thundering.  Warnings of tornado just south of here.

Now before I go back to my knitting......I just wanted to show you this.  It is a silk, knitted necklace that I saw at Yarns for Your Soul the other day.
It is lovely.  It comes in a kit, but my budget said "not happening".
Do you see how it is knitted the full length that would go on the back of your neck???
I want to make it.  Bad.


mkd said...

Oh I love those little yarn necklaces. If you ever decide to add them to your repertoire i would definitely be interested in purchasing!

Karen said...

That is sooo cool, never seen one like it!

I think we're about to get that storm here too.

and oh my LORD what a job, but I bet it feels great to get it done.

Susan said...

I a "weather channel" watcher...okay, the secret is out! I say prayers for all those in the path of a severe storm or tornado. The knitted necklaces are so charming and I don't think they'd be hard to figure out...hmmmm. Stay safe, XOXO

TexWisGirl said...

i would sweat (er, perspire) too much to ever wear a yarn necklace! :)

Daryl said...

i wonder if crocheting it wouldnt be easier ..

CiCi said...

You are so capable I believe you can make the necklaces without a kit. The necklaces are indeed worth the effort to make, and could be used so many ways.

Cupcake Murphy said...

That giant thing looks like the lint that collects in my dryer.

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts