Sunday, December 21, 2008

BIG blue jean rug!!!!!

WOW! Here it is. A blue jean rug in three pieces, waiting to be sewn into one huge 11' x 15' rug. It was such an incredible job, and I am very glad it is done. The best part of all is that the three pieces are almost PERFECT in length. They match. Whew. Anyone who has ever done this knows how crucial, and how touchy, that can be.
When it is sewn together, and packed up, and weighed, we will know how many pounds of blue jeans it took to weave this rug. I know my stacks of jean legs went down drastically.
Since it is Christmas week, and I have pies to make, and some presents still to buy, I am not tackling much at the studio. I will probably put a new warp on the Toika for a 7 ft rug that I will start next week. And I may weave a few placemats.
I am starting to think about New Year's Resolutions. Actually, I have been mulling them over for awhile. I like January. It has such a "clean slate" feeling to it. A brand new start. No matter what has gone before, January seems like a chance to do it differently. This January, I am going to do inventory of all my stock in the studio. And I am going to try to keep track of it better, with a brand new system. I am also going to get myself acquainted with Quick Books. I bought the book "Quick Books for Dummies", but I think I may need to hire someone to help me get started anyway.
That's embarrassing, but oh, so true.

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Because every thread counts