Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Putting on 500 yards of warp

This was the project of the week........500 yards of warp on the Reed Ideal.......
It was an huge job. Since the production wheel on the back of the loom only has six sections, and it takes about 40 threads to fill each section, I had to improvise. I did have the metal piece with holes to run the threads through. It fits in the slot on the back beam of the loom. It only had 36 holes, and I wanted more, so I had more holes drilled in it. A regular tension box wouldn't work at all, so I used two spool racks, and a clothes rack in between the loom and the spool racks. I went over one rung, and under a rung, and over another one.
You can see in the photo that the section on the far right seems smaller. I realized that I probably only put 400 yards on, so I tied the 40 threads back on, and wound another 100 yards. It looks better now.
The tension was fine, as you can see in this rug I have started.....there is already a rug on the front beam, this is the second rug.
The clothes rack kind of jumped around, probably due to the tension imposed on them, so 2 bags of pellets, 40lbs each, helped to keep it steady.
When it was done, each section measured 5 ft around, so I am pretty sure there are more than 500 yards of warp on the loom. I should be able to get 350 rugs off this warp, and that is pretty exciting.
The warp is 25" wide, and I will use it to weave Gumball rugs, and Mimi's Vintage Rag Rugs.


Anonymous said...

I've never seen anything like that before, whoa and wow!! 500 yards if I hadn't seen it I wouldn't believe it. GOOD FOR YOU!! Love the rugs they look great.

Hilary said...

Thanks....I have never DONE anything like it....it was wicked hard work, but wow! isn't it worth it now?????
If I get a flip camera for Christmas, I will be putting videos of my ventures on my web site.

Nancy Horton said...

I am looking for pictures and /or instructions for the Reed Ideal loom. We have one with missing parts. Congrats on the 500 yds. Amazing.

nan horton

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts