Monday, August 4, 2008

Mimi's Vintage Rag Rugs

Quite some time ago, I acquired a stash of fabric on bolts......prints from Joann's......nice cottons in lots of bright colors. I cut it into strips with my Eastman Chickadee cutter, each no more than 24" long, some shorter, then set out to sew them all back together randomly. I roll them into balls, and put a colorful warp on the loom, red, light green, turquoise, purple, lilac, orange, yellow, and bright blue.
The rugs that are woven with this fabric are Mimi's Vintage Rag Rugs. They are modern day "hit n' miss"........instead of using bits and pieces of old worn out clothes, I use leftover fabric, the brighter the better.
I have cut my strips thinner and thinner, so they are lightweight rugs, much like the antique rugs that I have.
The whole process is a lot of work, but I think the result is worth it, and in fact, I think these are my favorite woven rugs.
It is amazing though, how quickly I have gone through the shelves of fabric that I thought would last for a year.

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