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Monday, February 19, 2007

Time to clean

One of the things that I have discovered is that weaving can be very messy. I have fabric all over the studio, as I search for the right color combination, and have piles of stuff all over. And then there is the dust. So occasionally, I have to stop. Can't weave today. Have to CLEAN today. Because my mind is as cluttered as my surroundings at times like these, and there is no fix but to interrupt my weaving marathon, and take matters into hand.
So today, I started.....I would not let myself even go near a loom. I swept, I organized, I picked up, and I even mopped. I got TWO rooms in ship shape. There are more rooms, and more to do, but at least I have started.
On the Toika right now: 4 x 6 Adirondack lodge rugs. Two, maybe three, more to go, then a lavender rug for a custom order.
And all the while I am weaving on the Toika, I am looking around at the other looms, standing there quiet. It is just not right, why CAN'T I weave on more than one loom at a time.

The shop is full .........rug hooking wool, monk's cloth, frames, supplies; needle felting kits and supplies, lots of books, yarn and knitting kits, roving in merino, tussah, ingeo, alpaca.........knitting needles, Denise knitting needle kits, some beautiful wool kits from Fleece Artist. And of course, rugs! Lots of rugs.......cotton blends, and Adirondack lodge rugs, North Creek bath mats, and placemats, anywhere mats, mug mats, rag bags, beach bags, table runners. And some scarves, shawls, and HATS, lots of hats.
It is looking good, if I do say so myself.

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