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Sunday, May 20, 2012

Start of another week.

I knew it was going to be hot today, so I got up early, and hit the road with Roy.   As soon as he hears the squeak of the coat closet door, he is READY.
I ended up walking about an hour and a half.  I kind of lost track of the time.

Not that I was really watching it.
But walking along, in the cool morning air, I let my mind wander off.

Have to shout out a thank you to Karen over at This Old House.   She suggested this Easy Walk harness, and I bought it for Roy.   It is a godsend.  Really.
He doesn't pull, he doesn't even want to walk AHEAD of me anymore.   He walks along by my side, kind of like my shadow.
Makes our walks more joyful, let me tell ya.

The view of the Civic Center and the bridge that goes from Glens Falls to South Glens Falls.

Finally got to the studio, all SIX cats were waiting on me, four inside, two outside.

I decided that I cannot afford to keep hiring people to do yard work, so I hauled the Troy Bilt weed whacker out of the shed, put my safety goggles on, and did some yard work.
Let me just say that I HATE weed whacking.  HATE IT.   

I worked up an appetite, so I had a little salad with hard boiled eggs, tomatoes, and blue cheese dressing.
It was delish.  Sometimes when you get hot working outside, there is nothing quite like an ice cold salad, and a cold drink.

I am working off this towel warp, a couple of towels at a time.  I have company, as you can see.

And more company out in the hall.

While I am walking I think of all kinds of things to blog about, but then after the day is done, and I sit here with my lap top fired up, and Roy snoring beside me, I forget them all.
Guess I should be using some special APP on my Iphone to keep me all organized.
Oh, dear.....maybe next week.

Sydney says:   Feel the air, Mom???

And the winner of the dish towel, for her clever comments under my photos, is HILARY, of The Smitten Image.  Hmm, does she want blue? or white?


Anonymous said...

That salad does look refreshing. We have been eating lots of various summer salads this past week and really enjoying them. I think egg salad sandwiches sound good for lunch tomorrow.

Deb said...

Aren't walks like that wonderful. I am up to 6km daily (only 1 1/2 with Kane though and early in this heat) and I feel so much better for it. I love photos around the studio and especially the ones with the cats. Those are wonderful. Love this one with the 2 cats. Deb

Hilary said...

Oh yay! They're both lovely but white, I guess. Thank you, my namesake. :)

Oh and that salad looks yummy!

Karen said...

I couldn't own a Dane without that harness.. it's a godsend for my arthritic neck too!...

love that salad...

Daryl said...

oh lucky Hilary to get one of Hilary's towels! And the same happens to me .. I dont just have short term memory misplacement I have immediate memory misplacement .. I think of something and if I dont do it that instant .. I've lost it .. its gone ... sigh

Nancy in NH said...

I bought one of the harnesses after reading about your success with it, thank you! It's wonderful. We were using the pinch collar which we hated to use but couldn't walk the dog without it.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts