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Thursday, May 17, 2012

Roy and a, NOT Roy.

Not getting a whole lot done, flitting around like a bird on the wing.

These are more towels, off my  mistake crazy warp.    I am liking the white ones the best.  From my notes (yes, I really took notes) I discovered that I put FOURTEEN yards on the Baby Wolf, so it looks like I will be weaving just a few more of these.  Like TEN more.

Roy is  presently sacked out on the couch next to me.
We took an 8 a.m. walk this morning, and it was a good, long one.  His fave.

We call him the 'schmoozer', cause he loves everyone.  He is happy to see anybody, and he always gets a positive  response.

He doesn't have a mean bone in his body.
But at my daughter's the other day, her cat, Wully, was not impressed.

So, I have an idea, that there could be some great text under these two pictures.
But what???



Play along, and tell me what captions you would put under the two previous photos.......#1, and # 2.

On Sunday, I will decide which one I like the best, and that lucky reader will get one of my crazy blue OR white dish towels.  Your choice.
C'mon, play along.
Take a chance.
Like Roy.
He likes to lie live on the edge.
Right, Roy??


Hilary said...

#1: It's tempered glass.. right, Mom?

#2: Of course, I jest. It isn't that I don't like dogs. I love them. I'm just not hungry right now.

Devon said...

#1 "It's O.K. Fluffy, Roys a vegetarian."

#2 "Roy, we had an agreement. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!"

Hilary said...

OMG, this is gonna be hard.............AND good. You two are setting the bar high.

Hilary said...

Not to worry. You have a lot of high-jumpers amongst your people. ;)

Anonymous said...

#1: 'Oh, my lovely Sherrie I will not hurt you; I only want to love you.'

#2: Mom, who the @*#% invited the crazy 'frenchie' to the picnic?


Karen said...

MOM! Is that a PIT?...with a PINK COLLAR?!

There goes the neighborhood!

Theresa said...

LOL, dang, a shot at Roy in a give-away would be something, but I think that handsome guy is just where he wants to be forever. The lap of luxury in dog terms at least. No witty comments but I always enjoy pics of Roy!

J said...

#1: "That is THE biggest cat I've ever seen!"

#2: "I must be on a bad catnip trip again..."

Daryl said...

#1 ... Hello, please play nice, there's a photographer here watching

#2 ... I'm baaaaack

Anonymous said...

#1 You gotta be kidding me, a dog?
#2 Dogs drool and cats rule!
Thanks, Peggy:)

Gayle said...

#1) knock knock
who's there?
royboy who?
royboy 4 joy at yer soyvice, schweetheart.

#2) Me again, "Give us a kiss, Schweetheart."

Anonymous said...

#1 I appear to be on the wrong side of the glass!


Sharon said...

I love cobalt blue and white in the kitchen. Our odd assortment of dishes are unified by cobalt blue, which I don't have in 8/2 cotton. I'm making a list for my next order and that's going on it! Those towels speak to me in a very loud voice - love 'em!

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Because every thread counts