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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Monkey biz

It's been a crazy busy day.  I've been flying from one place to another.
But I just had to pop in and give you a heads up.

The MONKEYS are coming.
I'm serious.
They'll be here soon.
And they are MARVELOUS.

Now for a name.  You KNOW they have to have a name.  It has to be good.  It has to connect them somehow to Crazy as a Loom (I think).  I am going to give you all two weeks to come up with a great one.  I will choose on June 14th, and of course the winner will get their very own MONKEY.

The internet, and my blog, have found the perfect, crafty person to help make it happen.   I can't believe how well it is working out.
More on that later.
Here are the pictures I just got.

Look at their little butts????  Are they too adorable??

They are getting ready to make the trip to New Yawwwwk.

And from here, they will be ready to meet the world.
Oh, my.


Cait Throop said...

Oh wow!!! They are totally adorable and you are brilliant!! Names...thinking, thinking, thinking...

Connie in Hartwood said...

These are the cutest!!

NancyG said...

Sol-monkey is the obvious.

donna said...

Hi Hilary!
I enjoy your blog. Busy working full time and caring for parents...but I like to peek in on you and your weaving and kayaks. How is your headache??? It is better?? Yes, I hope. Enjoy your blog! Donna

Anonymous said...

Oh lordy these monkeys are awesome!

Anonymous said...

Wow Hillary--these are wonderful. But how could they be anything other than . . . Loomy Bins: monkeys to love and adore.


Valerie said...

I think you've already hit on the name with Monkey Biz.

BTW, I want to purchase on of those monkeys for an upcoming baby shower.

Anonymous said...

Hilary the monkeys are awesome!!!!

I have to buy some -- tell me how. Pretty please.

Now for the name -- FUNKY MUNKY


Anonymous said...

I was going to suggest Chunky Munky, but I like Lesley's better.

Anonymous said...

They are so stinkin' adorable that I am going to have to buy some as well. Can hardly wait until they go on sale.

Anonymous said...

Blogger ate my comment so this time I'm trying the anonymous route.

I'm making monkeys for my son's school charity fundraiser. I dressed one as a pirate with tricorn hat, eyepatch and frock coat and that one will hopefully be selling for more than pocket money prices (photo at woolforbrains dot net)

Yours don't need dressing because the fabric is so lovely.

Jill of All Trades said...

So cute, I love them!

Mrs. Turkey said...

You need one Monkey for display purposes....Marvin Monkey and his Funky Monkey Pals...and give each monkey his or her name, Maynard, Missy, Malcolm, Mandy, ....etc
doesn't need to be all M names...was just using that as an example.
They are some cute!

Delighted Hands said...

Not your mother's monkey , that is for sure! Very cute!

Amanda Cutler said...

Great post!! These are the best!! :-P

Daryl said...

I want one and if I dont win, I am buying one ... I think LoomMonkey might work

Mary said...

How about Monkey Love.
They are really cute.

Bev said...

I don't know why, but Disco Monkeys popped into my head when I saw the green and red ones. Might have been better if disco was popular when the psychodelic phase was going on in the '60s. The ones in the first picture look like Scandinavian winter sweaters! They are all amazing!

Die Fadenwirkerin said...

I like the name "Crazy Loomkeys"

They are very adorable and so nice.

Greetings Juliane

Bonnie said...

I love them. I have to get one for my new granddughter. All kinds of good names.
Monkey Carze
Carzy Loom Sockee Monkey

karen said...

I love, love, love em!! The pink and green is awesome. How about the "Crazy Capuchins"!

Restless Knitter said...

Crazy Loomkeys? Loomonkeys? Though that one almost sounds like Loo Monkeys :) Loomykins?

Anonymous said...

Loom Chicks or Loom Monchez

Love your blog and hope the HH is getting better


deborah (cobleskill) said...

Chunky Funky Monky

Restless Knitter said...

Crazy Monkeysees, Crazy Monkeydoos. Too long? I know which one would work for the felt eyes :)

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Because every thread counts