Crazy as a Loom

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cats and work. Not together.

Even though I still have a daily headache, I can tell that it doesn't have the grip on me that it did.
How do I know??
I'm more productive, my brain is working, coming up with new ideas.   I start things and finish them without wandering around aimlessly in between.
Oh, I'm not 100%, I know that.
But I'm better.  For the first time, really, since mid October.
I don't exactly understand it, but so far, it seems that acupuncture is having a positive effect on me.

There were more hijinks at the studio.
Blame it on L, who decided that Kizzy and Sydney needed to be weighed.
Jinksie is a lightweight, and Miss Puss would take your hand off, so she is exempt.

I swear I heard Sydney saying: "What the he**?"

"I can't look."

"This is ridiculous.  You need to buy a new scale."

OK, back to work.

Had an order from a previous customer......I made her 2 very colorful rugs, each 5'x7'.
She wanted a 3'x5' and two 2'x 3' rugs to go with them.

I finished them today.


See someone sleeping in the chair?
Yes the porch is a mess.  It's on my list.

Breakfast eaten, now for a little nap.

I just assumed it was Next, until I happened to glance over at the OTHER chair,  and recognized Next by his clipped ear.
The kitty on the red cushion is 'Nuff.
We have gotten them both neutered, and they both eat on the porch.   We think they are brothers, and now that their hormones are under control, they don't fight anymore.
Guess they have figured out that they are safe here.  Next knows he gets love here, but 'Nuff isn't ready for that yet.
 But he may come around.

We may find them a home, a good one, and if not, know.  


Anonymous said...

Ya... that's how Hubby weighs me too. He puts a comfy box on top of our scale and I crawl in. LOL

Karen said...

LOL.. next one to show up... you should name him "said" you kno... nuff said.

Sooo glad you're getting some relief. Keep going, it will get you out of the hole. Throw in a therapeutic massage if you can. I'll shut up now.

Deb said...

That box had to weigh 10 lbs. easy. And did Syd take off her ankle bracelets first? Love the rugs and YOU ARE A BIG SOFTIE! That's why I luv ya. Hugs

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

I am like Sidney, I can't bear to look when I weigh.
Glad you are feeling some better. I agree with trying a massage along with the acupuncture.

Teri said...

My daughter swears by acupuncture, she says its the only thing that helps to relieve her pain.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I am so glad something is working for you:-)
I would imagine all the little homeless kitties in your area have a brochure they pass around with a photo of your porch. Stop by "Crazy as a Loom" for a good soft chair and a great meal. And then stay a while....and a while longer....and then maybe forever.

Unknown said...

Yay, I'm very happy your HH is better.
Those rugs are gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

2 codgers sitting in their rockers on the porch, passing the day.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous rugs, gorgeous cats. And gorgeous news that HH is weakening. Since October?? Oh my that's way, way too long. Throw in some massage and kick him out for good. We're all waiting to celebrate with you. Meanwhile it's wonderful to hear that you have a clearer head and are able to do more . . .


Daryl said...

if I was Syd, I would demand a lighter weight box .. hey even WW lets you take off your shoes before weighing in ... and isnt acupuncture the best? it combined with a massage treatment 'fixed' my lower back!

Mark said...

If I come back as a cat, I'd want to live at your place. Although that neutering thing has me a little concerned!

Meta Skoglund said...

I like your "happy" rag rugs with your sparkling colours! Thanks for your kindly comment on my blog.

pakaian muslim said...

Thank you for posting this. It’s exactly what I was looking for!

Anonymous said...

tell me about the production wheel...?

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts