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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Little of this/that

My morning was busy.  I was the designated shipper.   And business was brisk.
I love the sound of that.

OK, here is my newest brain cramp.

Sock monkeys.  What do you think???  I just need to hire a designated seamstress, to sew them together.

I had a bunch of stuff to get done today, and I felt spread a little thin.

I read recently, that you can choose your age, or your age will choose you.

I'm choosing mine.  How about you ???

I made myself a cuppa tea, and wandered through the studio, and took a couple of pictures.

I stopped occasionally to give love to needy cats.
Oh, Lord, they're all  SO needy.

Then when I went out to the barn, Next glommed onto me as soon as I went out the door.
We need a designated cat petter here.
Apply within.

OK, I found my 8 shaft pattern book, so I retied the treadles the way they are supposed to be tied.  You can see the pattern before the treadle is in front of the black line......
Then you can see the new pattern, above the black line, with the new treadle tie up.
It still looks a little wild.

We're getting the studio in tip top shape, cleaning out and organizing.  And spring cleaning is in order.
I can't wait to get back to the loom.
Weaving makes me happy, cleaning.......not so much.

And by the way, to the person who commented asking me to tell them about the production's really hard to do, when you pop up anonymous.   Gotta sign in as someone, peeps.


Lydia La La said...

I honestly do not know how you girls do it. So much work completed. It all looks great. I have to ask.... the towels..are they bath towels or what we call tea towels? Dish wiping towels.
Hope your head ache is receding or GONE. enough is enough. xo

Country Girl said...

Can I buy some of your energy? And expedite the shipping? You have my address. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

The sock monkey is adorable!

joyceetta said...

Honestly Hilary, that is the cutest sock monkey I've ever seen. If I lived closer I would totally apply for the job! (monkey seamstress, not cat petter)

Linda said...

I love the sock monkey. What a terrific idea, Hilary!

Pearly Everlasting said...

So, I've been lurking around here for a very long time enjoying your creativity and your resourcefulness, but maintaining "radio silence". I can't keep quiet another minute. That is, hands down, the best looking sock monkey since Sock Monkey #1!

Anonymous said...

Oh wow, I wanna sock monkey. How can I get one???

OK that tie up still doesn't look like stars which I have woven, however, I really like the before version. It's still VERY interesting.

CupcakeMurphy said...

That blue is amazing! And please tell me where I can buy a sock monkey.

Mark said...

Love that sock monkey! My Mom bought one for each kid but they're huge and obnoxious and not personal at all. What's the point!
"Anonymous" is funny! Seriously, what are they so afraid of?

Daryl said...

i wish i could sew well enough to volunteer to make those monkeys ..

Deb said...

Love the monkey, Hilary. To anonymous..become a follower and you won't regret it. I would love to be your cat cudddler but I am having a hard time finding time for my 6. They are needy to most people's surprise.

Amanda Cutler said...

I would love to help sew the monkeys!!! I can sew really well! A sample is here:

Valerie said...

Love the sock much personality in that one!!

And the little chair...perfect for when O. visits.

1horsetown said...

How do you re-tie a loom without completely re-dressing it?

I've only got 2 needy cats, but 2 hands still isn't enough.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts