Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, May 26, 2012

The meaning of it all.

Sometimes, animals and weaving are the only things that make sense to me.

Thus, you get barraged with photos of both.

That's why blogs are optional.  No one says you have to visit.
I'm glad that you do.

I went to the studio with a stack of blue and white placemats that I tied the fringe on at home.
I love the fabric, and because I am hoping that they will be a good seller, I am making a bunch of them.

That may be poor thinking on my part.  Whenever I make just ONE thing.....people want more.
Probably now that I am making multiples of this particular fabric, it won't happen that way.

It goes along with my theory, that you should make what you like, not what you think will sell, thumbing your nose, so to speak, at all those retailers out there trying to please the public.

And it just so happens, that I love these, and so I am pretty much weaving them because I want to.

I confess that HH and life in general have taken their toll.
This morning, like many mornings, I just couldn't dig in to any one thing.
I felt scattered, all over the place.
I started one thing, got tired of it, wnt to something else, got tired of that, started yet a third thing, got tired of that, went on to something I started in another funk a few days ago, got tired of that.
You get the picture.

At one point, I just grabbed my camera and headed outside.

When I bought the studio, I should have left the yard alone.
But NO, not me.  I had to RESCUE it.
And now, I have created a monster lawn, that takes hours to mow.
Thank you, Consuela.
And planted tons of stuff, that need to be weeded.
Consuela, do you WEED???

And of course, I had company, wherever I went.
Next is very verbal.

The labyrinth was one of my better ideas.  I loved it when I built it.  I love it now.

It is behind the barn, with a stockade fence blocking it from the road, and that's where the flowers are.
It is meant to be a not so secret garden.

By the way, I am hosting a Weaving Bootcamp on June 22-24, and I have a couple of openings, for anyone who is thinking that they might like to learn to weave and maybe get away from home for a weekend.

Back in another lifetime, I had 20 years worth of perennials in my home out in the country.
Peonies were a fave of mine, I had every color.

This is my crib of roses, that you really can't get near, for the thorns.

Walking the labyrinth is very soothing, meditative.  See Nexxie on the right??

He thinks you walk ON the stones.

He is meowing at me the whole time.

See his mouth moving.

Why are you following me???


OK, I was wrong, make that weaving, animals, and flowers.
They make sense to me.
A lot of sense.

Don't you agree??


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I would love to have a lovely and peaceful garden. There are too many critters here and I think it would soon be overrun and destroyed. Still, I want one.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! May I say--be kind to yourself, Hilary. You do more on a bad day, with HH, than many of us do on a good day! You forget how much you've got going there. Love the maze. Gorgeous flowers. And that Nexxie--I can see him talking away to you about something important. And by the way, his nose is the same as my cats who is part Abyssinian. The color is called "red tile". Love the brown rug on the porch. Becky

Deb said...

I wonder if that guy has some siamese in him with that beautiful, narrow face. I love the tabby cat...along with all the others :)
You do have some beautiful flowers in your gardens. I never was much of a garnener but I hope that will change once I get out to the country. I get it...those are three things you love that don't take away your energy. They all feed your soul. Hugs

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Perfect sense to me too. I don't think I could live without my cats, looms, books or flowers.
My neighbor has a labyrinth planted amid lavender. Just lovely.

Cupcake Murphy said...

I could not agree more. I mean, it is not humanly possible for me to be thinking and feeling YES, WOO-HOO, Right On, Oh Wow in a way that isn't already heard by the stars and the moon and hopefully You.

Marsel said...

Such a beautiful cat! I love the unusual coloring on his nose. I can't imagine life without our beloved felines!

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts