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Monday, October 5, 2009

All grown up.

Finally......this is what we grew up to be.
Gourds. LOTS and LOTS of gourds.
Custom order today........lavender, shades of light green, and a little purple.
Not my favorite combo, but I am trying to get into it.
I would rather make purses.
Like this one.

I went to the Y today, to swim. I made the mistake of getting there at 8am. This "older" lady kept crowding me. She seemed to have a problem with boundaries. I was getting very annoyed.
So I have decided that I need to treat this like a job, and set my alarm on the days I am swimming, so I can get there any time after 5am, and be done swimming by the time the blue haired ladies arrive at 8am.
No offense intended.
I am going to my class reunion on Saturday night. I have mixed feelings about it. I am not that sure I want to see the people I went to high school with. But one old classmate has been bugging me pretty regularly, til I caved, and said I would go.
I was not one of the "clique" in high school. I guess I was somewhat out of the loop. I had my own ideas of what was cool, and I guess I had some selective inattention going on.
At any rate, I don't really know many of them any more, and the ones I was close to won't be there because they live so far away.
It is a very informal affair. Bring your own drinks. Bring a dish. The invitation actually said dress casually, but not in your birthday suit.
Do you wonder why I am somewhat reluctant.
Hell, let's be honest. I only want to go to see who looks older and fatter than me.
There. I said it.
And I'm glad.


Hilary said...

They probably all look older and fatter.. in fact.. that lady in the pool might have been one of them. ;)

Great shots.. and I keep meaning to tell you that the song with which your page opens (Into the Mystic) is a favourite. I'm not a fan of music playing on blogs but I can't help but smile each time I hear that song. :)

Anonymous said...

LOL. My next reunion is my 40th in 2012. I attended the 35th, in fact the powers that be made me plan the entire thing. First one I had attended since my 15th. Was amazed to see that there were still a few cliques going on... How retarded is that?


Restless Knitter said...

I heard that my 25th class reunion was just a couple of weekends ago. I wasn't invited, probably because they couldn't find me, which was fine but I have seen pictures online. I wasn't with the In Crowd. I'll be honest and say that it gave me a little joy to see that many of them do look older and bigger. At the same time, I find it kind of sad that I didn't make the friends in high school like others seemed to have.

LA said...

The gourds are great....they will make some cool birdhouses for your feathered friends.
I have been on the planning committee for the last few reunions, but I have no desire to work on the next one. It gets a little old...trying to plan something that everyone can enjoy. There's NO WAY to make everyone happy! Besides, I keep in touch with the people I want to see.
I'm proud of you for getting up so early to work out! You're a great example to get me motivated.

Sharon said...

I've never gone to a reunion - no reason. I hope yours is fun and you get to visit with lots of friends. I do like your purses but think the combination requested for the rug is going to be cool, but then those are colors I like.

I used to swim before work when it was clear that I could no longer run, but the chlorine was killing my skin and my hair so I finally threw away my pool pass so I wouldn't be tempted to go again. Our municipal pool chlorinated so heavily that I could smell it on my skin clear into the day. Lucky you to have a good pool.

Delighted Hands said...

I feel your ambivalence about the reunion-went to one and that was enough of that!!! Love the new colors-even if they are a stretch to you. The handbag has a lovely shape-great work!


Love the gourds, I'd never seen actual ones until I went to NC for a vacation, I was facinated by them and all the things people create with the dryed hollow one. Don't worry about the reunion just have fun.

Gail said...

I have a bad case of gourd envy right now. Ours did not do well this year, maybe next year. I love carving gourds with my dremel and staining them, and painting and I just love gourds.

Welcome to my world.

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Because every thread counts