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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Little of this

The towel pattern I referred to was in answer to a question posed in the comments.
I should have explained.
It is from Handwoven Magazine, Jan/Feb 2006.
It is a 4 shaft M's and O's pattern, but I left the middle out........that's how I roll sometimes.
I wound on another warp when this one was different colors, and I am making more M's and O's.
I do that often.  I make something I like, and then I tie on another warp, so I can make use of all that threading I already did.

Here comes "Enough".   Even though he's been neutered, he still has the wanderlust, although he's around most every day, and he knows where the food is.
He is still thin though, unlike Next, who is fattening up quite nicely.

I feel like I am just 'hanging around' this week, can't seem to get settled on anything.
So instead, I do a little of this, and a little of that.
And we've had a lot of walk in traffic, and telephone calls.

Someone asked about self esteem.  That's a great subject.
I have certainly had my issues with self esteem over the years.  There have been plenty of times that I worried about my weight, my hair, my clothes, my physicality in general.  I do think that working as a nurse in a prison helped me, in a strange way, to get over some of it.  When you are confronted by 1600 adult male felons, who can harass and taunt you when you are walking past their cells, you begin to look inward.  You walk taller.   You move beyond "what they say".
Then as I have gotten older, I have a whole new attitude.   I dress up when the situation calls for it, but otherwise, you will find me in blue jeans.
 My fave shoes ever are Sanita closed back clogs.
I gave up daily makeup years ago, and it was an incredible relief.
I have tried to let my hair get a little longer, but honestly, it is crazy painful.   I would like it if it were LONG, and I like it SHORT, it's that in the middle stuff that drives me mad.
And truthfully, when I had it long, I ended up wearing it up.
So what was the point?
Earrings?  Hardly ever.
I buy most of my clothes at thrift shops, and when I do buy new, I buy online, from Land's End, or LL Bean, because believe it or not, I HATE shopping for clothes.
Give me a book store, or a garden center, or a salvage shop.
I have found that my self esteem soars when I am doing what I love, and when I accept how different and special we all are.
I look at photos of myself when I was young, and thin, and looked pretty good, at least by my standards.   And I realize that I've grown INSIDE so much in so many ways, I've outgrown that pretty young girl.
And that's ok.
Love who you are,  be your own very best friend, believe me, you're worth it.


Country Girl said...

When I'm at work, I give off so much self-confidence. It's when I come that I don't feel it so much. And I have to learn to love myself. But it really is easier said than done.
I like makeup. And earrings. And clothes, handbags, and all that. I don't have a lot of it, but I love it.

Hilary said...

Like Kate said, it's so much easier said than done. Sounds like you've found the method though. I'm still seeking for the most part but I sure do hear you about doing what you love. When my camera is in hand.. everything else goes away.

Love the shot of the pot holder and of course, the beautiful kitty.

Sharon said...

I heard an NPR interview with Anna Quindlin today and she pretty much said what you just said. Or in Vally Girl-speak, like whatever~

Karen said...

There is something very beautiful in aging, I think. We finally come into ourselves, begin to love the things about our own person that is authentic, real... and grow comfortable with it. Amen to that.

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm the only vain commenter here today. I don't like aging... The inner part is okay, but I really don't like getting all saggy and baggy in the face, butt and boobs. That part rather stinks as far as I am concerned.

Daryl said...

a fabulous post .. I would recommend this to every young woman I know .. read and learn, I'd say.

and I am loving those towels ..

Kathy said...

Thanks, Hilary. I needed this today...and probably tomorrow.....

MarthaVA said...

YES! I agree! Getting older has it's advantages. I've relaxed a lot. I accept who I am, most of the time.
If you've never read this
I highly recommend it. Very positive stuff.
Thanks for the reminder to treat ourselves well.

Franny V said...

Enough may never fatten up. I have a tabby that looks alot like him who is quite thin. The vet says he is healthy and that's just the way he is. He has a healthy appetite, but is quite active, even though he's an indoor cat.

NursePog said...

I feel comfortable in my own skin now more than I ever have. I stopped trying to be who ever one else wanted me to be and decided to just be myself. I also do that in my work now. I make what I want and if I am excited and happy about it then I don't worry about what others think.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Oops that last comment was from me not my husband even though he would agree. Louise

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your amazing reflections on aging, appearance, and self esteem. Keep sharing from your heart!


Anonymous said...

Your towels are just lovely.

Anonymous said... distracted and didn't finish my last post....

I hear you on the self esteem. It's so important to have something to do that we love doing, we're successful at, and people admire so we get those positive strokes, although, I probably crave people's admiration considerably more than I should. :-/

MaggieGem said...

I got via POTW, congrats on the listing!

Great post, do what you love and love what you do!

TexWisGirl said...

thanks, hillary, for some inspiration today. congrats on your POTW.

Barbara said...

"You move beyond "what they say"." I know exactly what you mean - I've felt the same way as I've gotten older and settled into myself. Congrats on the POTW!

Reena said...

A wonderful post today ... and I'm with you .. gave up makeup, earrings and all their trappings long ago. Hate shopping and live in jeans and T's these days. Loving these years as an older woman and anticipate they will just get better.
Congrats on the POTW!

Kathleen said...

I admire your point of view! And your kitty. And your blog! Congrats on POTW!

Brian Miller said...

love your gentle wisdom on self esteem....congrats on the POTW

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Because every thread counts