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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Tell me please.

Making the Hip to Be Square loom kits is only part of  the process.  
The loopers have to be 'cleaned'  before they get put in the kits, two and a half pounds for the regular kit, and 5 lbs for the Rag Rug Kit.  Getting this done can be problematic.  L and I do NOT have any time available for this task, so we farm it out for other people to do.  When we can find them, that is.  In spite of the state of the economy, not a whole lot of people out there who NEED the money, are actually willing to work for it, in this instance, anyway.  We do have a few who faithfully continue to keep us supplied, and we are grateful.

 The cleaning is actually just separating the random threads that get stuck to the loops, and pulling them
Then the loopers look all spiffy, like this, and ready to be part of the Hip to Be Square kit.

The 5 lb and 10 lb looper refills are cheaper, because they still have the threads in them.

On another note, after 2 and a half weeks of misery with this headache, I am back at the doctor this morning, practically begging for anything to make it go away.
So, the consensus was that the antibiotic that has been gnawing at my stomach for the last 8 days, is not the right one.  
Who knew?
So now I am on another antibiotic, plus Prednisone, and I had taken what I have to believe are just LOVELY pictures of my sinus cavitites.

I didn't spend a lot of time at the studio today, since I really wanted to just  go to sleep.

But while I was there, Miss Smokey aka Also, aka Lucy, was keeping us company.  She is very timid, but sweet.

What's up, Smokey girl???
She is a tiny little thing, but she is gaining weight since she went to the vet.  She has the loveliest shimmer of silver on the insides of her legs, her belly, and her nose.

I worked on chunky Solmate chair pads.......and decided that back when I asked you all to help me with a name for them,  Renew had the best one, so they are "Sweet Bottoms."
Cuz they ARE sweet.
Do you like them?

 We decided to go with a black warp, since it makes the colors pop.


I would like to have a stack of these before the show in 2+ weeks.
L thinks I should sell them separately, since some people might want just one or two, and not a whole set of four.  She may have a point.

It's good to have feedback, and a second opinion.   That is especially true lately, since I feel like my head has been stuffed and packed tightly with cotton balls.  My thinking may be a little fuzzy.

But this color moves me, and it doesn't take much thought.

I think they ROCK.
Do you agree???   Now I have to figure out a price per Sweet Bottoms........any ideas???
You know I love all your suggestions.
Oh, and Miss RENEW....send me your mailing address, so I can send you your very own!!!


Cait Throop said...

Ooooo I love the name, Hilary!! "Sweet Bottoms!" Lovely...hope your antibiotics do the trick this time!! Hateful headaches!!

MarthaVA said...

Congratulations to Miss RENEW! Lucky gal.
LOVE the Sweet Bottoms. :-)
LOVE Miss Smokey!
No idea on prices - I always charge too little for my wares....
Maybe you should price some as sets of 2 or 4, and then sell others separately for a little more each....make people think they're getting a deal for buying more than one!
I do hope the new meds work for you - you've suffered plenty long enough with this headache and sinus crap! (((HUGS)))

linda said...

Congrats to Miss ReNew! Great name ~ they are sweet!

No idea on the pricing. :(

As to de-fuzzing the loops, do you have a local junior high or high school nearby? A lot of kids can't work at the local fast food joints because of age restrictions. There might be a gem or two WILLING TO WORK & looking for a quick buck I mean an income. Just a thought.

Country Girl said...

I like the name Sweet Bottoms very much and agree you should sell them singly. If sold in sets of 4, you could offer a small discount. I would buy one since I'm already using a couple of layers of placemats as a cushion.
I can't believe you still have that headache. Oh, Hilary. Damnit!

moosecraft said...

I agree to sell them as singles... my dining room table is set for 6 and I always get frustrated when placemats are sold in sets of 4... some folks might also have a single chair (say, in their sewing room) where they would want only 1 chairpad... I am thinking the prednisone should do the trick for you sinuses, i hope, i hope... Congrats to RENEW!

Karen said...

I think you should sell them individually, because there are many reasons I can think of that folks might want just one. I have no idea about pricing though, because only YOU know what went into them. (ALOT!)...

Hope you feel better real soon :-)

Daryl said...

my flat tush would love one of those ... love the colors and the pop from the black .. and thar sweet girl has the same lovely eyes our Jack has .. so expressive

Kittymum said...

Too bad I don't live near you. I'd be overjoyed to clean loopers. I've been trying to get a part-time or temp job to supplement my SS check for two years now. Nothing. No one wants to hire an older lady with a bad back and knees. Cleaning loopers sounds like the dream job to me!

Smoky/Lucy/Also looks a lot like my boy. She may stay skinny. My guy is 7 now and is just as scrawny as he was 6 years ago when I got him as a rescue. He's also long-legged, long-bodied with a long tail. He's built like a piece of string. The vet says he's fine and that's just the way he's built.

Anonymous said...

Just a thought on the sinus problem. I used to get bad headaches and clogged sinuses from all the fiber dust created when I weave. I began wearing a dust mask when I weave. My headaches went away and my sinuses cleared up.


Two Guys and a Loom said...

Definitely sell them singly, and then offer a discount for four or more!!! Without so many entitlement programs, people would be more willing to work. I love Linda's idea of hiring a teenager for a couple hours after school!!!

Sweetpea said...

Oh definitely, "Sweet Bottoms" is a PURRRRRFECT name, totally splendid, just like these cushions. I want one too, for my very special antique chair upstairs (where I do all my sewing & beading)....geesh, do I get a numb butt after a few hours - I need your CUSH! So let me know as soon as you decide on a price and I will order one, too. If it's a winner 'round here, I've got 6 black dining room chairs that might need some SB's too!!!!

Feel better real soon, please.

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Because every thread counts