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Monday, December 27, 2010


Reweaving an old rug that was sent to me. I love the colors.
From december

I got it going, maybe I will get it finished tomorrow. Maybe not.
From december

I am not liking the cold. Even though we didn't get as much snow as we expected, the wind is cutting, and the wind chill is supposed to be -5 tonight.
As I was warping the loom for this project, I started the fireplace . I wasn't the only one that appreciated it.
From december

Old houses are cold when the wind blows. It is basically a post and beam house, which means that the walls are 'board on board', there is no insulation, and no space to put any.
Eventually the sun came out, and at least it looked warm.
From december

So much cold, and it's not even January.
From december

I want to be like a bear, and go into hibernation. Winter lethargy. Conserving body heat, and energy.
From december

All in favor, raise your hand.


Delighted Hands said...

OR you could migrate south and join the thousands of snowbirds here in FL for the winter! There is always room for a weaver/fiber person and loved ones.........

Darlene said...

I grew up in one of those old houses in New York State, so I know how cold it can be inside sometimes! At least your kitty knows how to stay warm. Good weather for weaving in front of the stove!

Country Girl said...

I'm glad I have these thick stone walls around me. The wind was wicked here today but the temps weren't as low as yours up north.

Anonymous said...

I have both hands raised in favor. Coldest winter we have had since moving to Virginia. brrrrr. The wind doesn't blow through our house but just the sound of it whistling outside around the house is a bit unnerving.


claudia said...

It's 50 degrees here and I am freezing! I'll stop complaining now. My hand is up though!

Karen said...

15 degrees tonight, and the wind screaming down the chimneys here - I SOOOOO want to make like a snowbird and head down South.

Love your photos, though. They are warm -

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts