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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just stopping by

From Crazy as a Loom

See what I have to put up with?
Constant supervision.
It was a beautiful day in northeast New York today. They just cut the field next to the studio, and the smell of freshly cut hay was sweet.
From Crazy as a Loom

I got a lot done today....oil change, finished staining the deck, took the cat to the vet, went back and picked him up, had lunch with a friend, wove some towels, got my hair done, and grabbed something to eat at Panera.
I am ready to do a little reading, if I can stay awake.
Isn't spring marvelous?
Until next time.
And for all you Idol fans out there, my vote goes to go, girl.


LA said...

Tuesdays are just great!

Sharon said...

I used to remember spring as being marvelous. However, we have a fire in the woodstove and it's rained all afternoon, with snow predicted tonight. I live in a very weather antagonistic region this year. We've got the garden covered, but nothing will happen there if the sun doesn't shine.

Anonymous said...

I vote Crystal too, even though I've only watched about 15 minutes of the show this season. Sorry, just so many crummy performers that I found it difficult to pay attention. I'd do better curled up with your kitty amongst those balls of fabric.


Nancy said...

Sounds like a good and productive day. The sweet smell of cut hay is always a welcome reminder of spring.

Karen said...

One of my favorite scents...fresh cut hayfield! ... Idol didn't catch my attention this year, but I'll vote for your girl.

bspinner said...

You sure did have a wonderful day. Your photo of the feild is much like the sight we see a couple times a year when our Amish neighbor mowes his alfalfa behind our house. Lets face it for those of us who live in a rural area there is nothing like the earthy smells of farming.

Hilary said...

It sure has been a beautiful spring.. can't ask for much more.

I've been a Crystal fan from day one. It seems to me that it so often comes down to my favourite performer and another at the end and the best one (to me) never wins. So I wasn't surprised at this year's results. She's a gem of a singer.

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Because every thread counts