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Friday, February 13, 2009

Fabric and Paper Dolls

Sometimes I think I don't have enough fabric, especially when I am rumbling around in the pantry, the closet, the attic, the barn......searching for that perfect combination of colors. Then there are times when I am overwhelmed with how much fabric I have. (the last estimate was scary) My husband is fond of saying that I won't live long enough to weave it all up, which may be true. But I intend to give it my best shot, anyway.
The other day I went up to the attic and brought down a box of pastels in small rolls. They were all about 3-4" wide, so I put them up on the rod above, and cut them with my Eastman chickadee cutter.
The strips of fabric fall onto the floor, and within a few minutes, Kismet shows up. Since he was a kitten, he has loved it when I cut fabric. He plops down in the middle of it, and it falls on his head, and he seems to love it. Of course, when I start rolling the fabric into balls, he is sure that the games have begun. It becomes a challenge to keep winding it when he is hanging onto to it for dear life.
When I roll the fabric up, I fold it so that the right side is showing,and leaving it in balls like that for a few days before I weave with it, is almost as good as pressing it that way.

These pastels are going to be tote bags, in two sizes so far. Unless I get really motivated.
I did get a warp on a loom today, and it went pretty smoothly. It was a time consuming warp, not a random warp, but with stripes in tan, sage green, spanish blue, rose, and brick. I put on 30 yards. I am doing an order on it, then rugs for the shop.
My three daughters are in Florida, and I have my two granddaughters, Ava, and Gabby, for the weekend. We played with paper dolls tonight, and tomorrow we are going to Aimee's Dinner and a Movie....except that we are doing lunch and a movie, and we are seeing Hotel for Dogs.
Stay tuned........maybe I will have some photos tomorrow........
let me end with this......while we were playing at the kitchen table with Sparkle Fairy, Crystal Fairy, Ruby Princess and Jade Princess, Ava said, "I'm sleeping beauty, but you can just call me beauty". :)

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Hilary said...

Looking forward to seeing how this turns out. Your Kismet is a lot like my Skitty.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts