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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Number one.

Yesterday when I decided to make blueberry muffins, I wanted to make totally, over the top, delicious blueberry muffins.
I perused the internet for a while, then I remembered one of my fave blogs, so I skipped on over, and grabbed a recipe I was pretty sure I could count on.
Thank you, Smitten Kitchen.
They were perfect in every way.
I made a double batch, and they are half gone.

Numero Uno grandson was busy on his computer today.
My first grandchild.  I remember the day he was born.

At 14, he is already 6'3", taking advanced courses in high school, getting great grades, and generally being a fantastic kid.
I miss when he was a bit of a blond haired toddler, back when he would let his Mimi hug him and kiss him whenever.
But I am still pretty fond of him just the way he is.
Roy agrees.


Anonymous said...

Check out that Roy boy all over your grandson's lap. What an absolutely sweet photo of the two of them having a special moment.. :-))

Deb said...

I'll drop over for the recipe 'cause they are my favorite. That Roy never misses an opportunity. Great photos.

Candy Duell said...

What a great photo! You should have that printed and framed :)

MarthaVA said...

Roy Boy sure loves those kids - and he lets them know it! LoL Sweet boy and sweet Roy.

I'm not a blueberry fan - yes, I know, shame on me. But they do look good!


Suzanne said...

Love the photo of Roy and your grandson! What a moment.

Daryl said...

aw, clearly he, Numero Uno, is a good kid ..I know because Roy thinks so ...

Karen said...

...and I thought I had the best blueberry muffin recipe ever. I LOVE them, so I'm going to check out your recipe too.

Love that roy and his boy.

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts