Crazy as a Loom

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Keep up, will ya?

I've been on a tear all day.   Whizzing around, doing this, and that.
Can barely keep up with myself.

Did a little garage sale stuff early on, before the heat became unbearable......which it has.

I found this cool pie carrier.........for $1.

 I am thrilled.  I have been looking for one for a while.  And you can't beat the price.

I bought a bunch of $3.
There were a few more than this, but I had plans for them other than reading.
You'll see what at the end of this post.

And here's something else I have wanted for a while......a Health o Meter scale...........$3.
Love, love, love it.

Then we went to the Farmer's market, where I bought a bunch of fresh veggies.  I think it is important to buy local, and to support the farmers in the area.  And besides, everything tastes so much better.
I bought basil, green beans, 2 kinds of lettuce, cukes, red potatoes, scallions, tomatoes, and corn.

Then I went to the studio, where I did some computer work.   The old house stayed cool, and I can't imagine how.

I then attempted to sit out on the porch for a bit, where Next and Enough were languishing in the heat.
I took some small loopers out there, and proceeded to chain them together to make placemats with.
The colors are vibrant.
Enough thought it was great fun.
The heat drove me back inside.

For any of you that have the little metal or plastic looms, these small loopers will fit them perfectly, and they are bright!!!   You can shoot me an email.

On the way home, I stopped to get cat litter for the gang, and saw that they were having an adoption clinic at the pet supply store.

Here's Kat, 2 years old, abandoned by her owners, tied outside of a church with a note.
Are people crazy?

And here's Bella, who looks like she could be Roy's sister, she is also 2 yrs old, and wicked sweet.

Both these girls need a forever home......they are at the Countryside Vet's in Queensbury, NY.
The number is 518-793-7083.
I wish I could take them both.

Still on the move, I came home and cooked up some summer squash.
I also made some "Crash Hot Potatoes" that I found over at Pioneer Woman.
You can find the recipe HERE

I thought this needed some protein, so I added black beans.
It's for me anyway, so I can do what I want, as no one else in this house would touch anything as healthy as this.

Still on overdrive, I made myself a cuppa tea, sat in my kitchen where the AC was keeping things soooooo comfortable,  and got out the 'rest of the books' I bought.

No offense to Danielle Steele.
I bought these books on purpose.
And then I tore them apart.

While I'm folding, I'm thinking.

A few weeks ago, unnerved by the constant headache, and discouraged by how exhausted I was every single day, I asked my doctor if he would order a sleep test.
He did.

And I failed.  Miserably.  Stopped breathing 17 times an hour.

Went back to the sleep lab the next week, where they calibrated me with a mask on.

I got my machine last Friday, and I have been using it for a week.
Unfortunately, it does not do anything for my headache.

But I do think that it is doing something for my energy level.
Don't you?

Other than the headache, I almost feel my crazy, normal, speeding self.
Oh, my.

Off to Joann's to buy glitter for my trees.  Then I have to weave on my funky purses, and go in the pool, and make a salad, and maybe some blueberry muffins, and ...and.....and.....
well, you get the idea.


joyceetta said... are crazy busy today! Ha to tell you that I have one of those pie/cake carriers. I also got mine at a garage sale...but long enough ago that I no longer remember the price.

Deb said...

Are you on speed or somethin'? And what the H are you doing thinking about Christmas? Wow...I could use you and that energy over at my place de-furring the furniture. I've been at it and I'm pooped. And thanks for making me hungry..again.

Anonymous said...

Yes Deb. She is a 'woman of age' on speed. LOL Go Go Go GO Go!! I like the trees you made and I guess maybe it is time to start doing a bit of Christmas stuff before December is here. :-)

My husband was snoring terribly and his doctor put him on a nasal spray that clears out his airways, he breathes easier and sleep quieter. Good thing for both of us!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Oh my goodness woman, you are amazing!

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Lydia La La said...

It's a wonder you could still function with the lack of breath in your lungs and the tiredness. I am happy for you with those results.
So sad about the little kitty. You are a lovely woman to go get help for her and the good thing was that she won't be suffering any more. Poor baby. xo

DJan said...

Life is tough sometimes. I think you are definitely in overdrive, for whatever reason. I also am so sad about those two beautiful doggies, and how they were treated. I am wishing them both forever homes.

Hilary said...

Whoa.. my head is spinning!

Yes, crazy. One would have to be to abandon those to lovelies. That Kat is an incredibly beautiful dog.

I remember making trees like that whe we were kids. We used TV Guides.

MarthaVA said...

Wow - good rest is important and can make a HUGE difference. I just wish you could ditch HH.

Lovely pups - love that first one - would love to meet her but I already have my hands full with 2....

Maybe Roy would like a sister? :-)

Love the yard sale finds.

Have fun with your new-found energy!

messymimi said...

Hilary, i am so happy for you! Let's hope getting more rest consistently does something for that headache soon, too.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts