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Friday, January 7, 2011

Every little thing.

Anyone who thinks that the heated water bowl on my porch is frivolous........think again.
It is much appreciated.
Can you tell??

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Then after a little breakfast, Mr. Grayandwhite  stretches, and hurries over to get positioned as near to the bird feeder as he can.

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From january2011

Meanwhile, inside, a blue warp goes on the Hammett for blue jean place mats. I do love blue jean place mats.  Pictures coming soon.

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While I put L to work on that project, I was still weaving spring rugs.
A girl can dream, can't she?

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Where do I get the energy???  
I guess it is because I am 'crazy as a loom'???  Ya think?
I have no other explanation.

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Besides, there is enough LOUNGING going on at the studio, without me.
Know what I mean?

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It is snowing tonight.
Three of my four grandkids are here for an 'ovah night' to quote Ava.
Now we'll find out how much energy I REALLY have.


Hilary said...

Lovely rugs and felines.. and birdies. Enjoy the grandkidlets.

Nancy said...

I love your passion for what you do and who you love.

Tiggeriffic said...

Grandchildren are the best..Gift from God..
I love the cat pictures and the heated bowl of water..
Have a great time with your grandkids.. ta ta for now from Iowa

Anonymous said...

A heated water bowl. What a great invention!


Karen said...

My horses would never drink out of the heated water trough... very frustrating. I wondered if they were getting zapped or something and my husband insisted they could not. Glad the cats are taking advantage of it.

Are you sleeping yet?...probably not with three grands in the house :-)

Country Girl said...

Yes! Now you'll find out ~

And who cares what people think about your heated elements. I think it's wonderful. We used to have something similar on the horse farm. Very important in the wintertime.

claudia said...

I think that heated water bowl is not frivolous at all. You are taking good care of God's creatures and that is always a good thing!
I wish I had half your energy! Boy, could I get some stuff done...

Judy said...

What a great post about life at your house! I love your rugs and I'm looking forward to seeing your blue jean place mats.

Have a great weekend!

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts