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Friday, February 4, 2011

A Helping Hand.

A  few months ago, I was wishing for another apprentice, since Tammy left me for a real job.
Then "L" appeared, retired from her full time employment, and said she thought she wanted to try it.
She has been working hard at it since then, and she has made a lot of progress.
Even though she has been in a few of my random photos, she declined to be on my blog.
Until now.

She took some place mats home, to tie fringe.  And even though she protests that she is not a "cat person", you can see that she is not being entirely truthful.

Meet Lois.........
and Hermione.

I  have taught a lot of people to weave, usually over a short period of time.
An apprentice is different, learning things along the way, helping out with all kinds of chores.
It is a good way to learn, no pressure, no stress.  There is time to get comfortable with the process, and time to get it right.
I don't know how long it will take to teach her all she wants/needs to know, but it great to have help, and it is a trade off that works out for both of us.
One of these days, we'll get her Weavers Friend warped up, in her barn, and she can be as crazy as I am.
Or close.


claudia said...

Hi Lois! It's good to put a name and face to the apprentice! Hermione is a gorgeous cat!
You are a lucky person to be under Hilary's wing and learning from her and Hilary is lucky to have you too!
Have fun!
(I am just a tad jealous, I would love to be where you are right now...except the snow, I could live without the snow...)

ethelmaepotter! said...

Ah, the mysterious L! Nice to meet her, and I think she's in denial about her cat feelings.

Anonymous said...

Great to officially meet Lois. It must be great to learn to weave a little at a time, among all those great looms and bright colors. debbie s

Tina J said...

Everyone needs a helping hand! I remember when Hilary was talking about getting a new apprentice, I was wishing I wasn't so far away!

Karen said...

What a great relationship!... I wish I didn't live so far away from you, I'de be a royal pain in the a**.. or a big help, time would tell :-)

Who is Hermoine?? (my favorite character in HP) What a pretty steel grey cat! You have all the lookers over there, Hilary.

Country Girl said...

Hi, Lois!

* waves *

Love your name.

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet the mysterious "L" who is apparently in denial about being a "Cat" person.


Valerie said...

Hi Lois...

Amazing how many things we find out about ourselves when we leave our working world identities. Some find that they are weavers. Some find that they are cat people. Some find both...and more!

Nellie said...

Hi Lois, you `re not alone. Hi Hillary, I`m another apprendice of you ! Every day reading your blog and with google translator learning foreign words. Hopefully i`ll learning a little bit more english. I love your lessons each day, thank you !
Greeting from Germany

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Because every thread counts