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Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Bags, and an Old Bag.

I thank you for all your kind words.
I think I just need some fresh perspective....and some sunshine.
It was lovely here today, in the 30's, but not much sun.
My goal was to finish the tote bags, and get all 20 of them on my web site, with prices and numbers.
And I did.
You can see them HERE.
Two of them are gone already!!  But I do have more on the loom, and I will be trying to keep  the page full.
Finding places to hang them all in the studio is a project in itself.

I think the answer to my quandary is found on quiet days like this.   I was very focused, and got a lot done, things I wanted to get done.  I was very satisfied with the results.
Yes, I have created a successful business.  I think it has a life of its own, and if I just do what I love,
the rest will happen, or not, exactly the way it is supposed to.
It is, as you suggested, more about what I DON"T want to do, what I don't like, what does NOT move me.  Those things can be dealt with, one at a time.  Then the things that I love will get their due.
I know for sure that I am not going to jump through hoops to do custom orders.
I am going to have a sign made, "Custom Orders Considered".
Key word: considered.

I have told DH that we are doing this winter thing differently next year.  I hope he is thinking about it, because I am serious.
Even though I am not your typical 'retiree', there are still some perks to being retired that I think I have earned, and so has he.
I want to MISS out on some of this winter weather.  I want to GO somewhere for a month, or two, or three.  I can weave anywhere, and I will not let the business I have created run my life.
One way or the other, I am not here for the whole winter next year.  NOT HAPPENING.
And there is plenty of time to figure it out by next fall.
When I was done putting bags on the web site, I finished a rug.   I mostly did it because it was on the loom in the old kitchen, where the windows are facing south.  Every now and again, the sun came out, for a fraction of a minute.
But I had a "Walkin' on Sunshine' rug, and that helped.

Now for the Super Bowl, which does not interest me.  So I guess I will find something else to amuse myself.
Not hard, not hard at all.


Anonymous said...

I'll come sit with you and chat. We are not watching the Super Bowl at our house either... going to watch a movie together instead... a bit of romantic snuggling on the sofa... that's what cold winter nights should be about. :-)

Sure love your tote bags!

Leslie said...

I've got the game on but I'm only watching it for the commercials!

And those totes? They are amazing, and your little "model" is adorable as well!

Studio Captivity said...

I'm loving this rug. Did you weave long strips on an inkle loom and then use it as your weft? I'm just starting to blog about my arts and crafts at if you'd like to come visit.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Love the bags... and Love Neil Young singing ....

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Karen said...

I think your plan for a few months under the sun is a great one - go for it!!! You have certainly earned your wings. Just... take us along on a virtual hiatus, won't you?

claudia said...

Your tote bags are all so pretty and so versatile! And that "Walking on Sunshine" is to die for. I just love your stuff!

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

Funny, I just told my hubby this morning that we could become snowbirds in Florida--I am SO tired and done with winter!!! And we live in the South--just not far down South enough apparently.
Love your work--just beautiful and inspiring! I am just getting into hooking rugs and I just love wool and textures--just can't wait to retire! I am so burned out by Special Ed.

Sweetpea said...

YAY for those gorgeous bags and YAY ~ no, DOUBLE YAY ~ for new winter *plans*!!!

Orlythe said...

Getting away for a month each winter sounds wonderful, Hilary, but in the interim, how's your vitamin intake? Fish oil caplets (two per day) and Vitamin D (4000 units per day) have been proven helpful for SAD in medical studies; they make a big difference for me here in Wisconsin. Thoughts of sunshine and flowers coming your way!

spindrift,maine said...

Oh, yes, I will be back. Love your words, your photos and your work! I, too, often think, "my dog has such a wonderful life" as I watch her sit and dream and wake and stretch and go out and come in and do it all all over again. NO thoughts about who what where when or why, as far as I can tell.

About your questions: Do you know this line from the Tao Te Ching?: "Do you have the patience to wait until your mud settles and your water becomes clear?" You are asking good questions. Time is your friend.

Joy said...

You can pack up your loom and take it with you? I thought that looms were fixtures basically, and difficult to move. Pardon my ignorance, I am new to your sight and I would SO come for a weekend if NWIndiana and NY weren't like 15 hours apart, at least where you are! Luv your site and thoughts.

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Because every thread counts