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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Color me red.

OK, then.  I posted and inadvertently erased the whole thing.
What do I know?

The sun is gone, it is getting darker and colder by the minute.

Chicken and biscuits in the oven.  I cut the chicken big enough so I can SEE it and push it aside.
I love the rest of it.
Funny, how I have turned into a raving vegetarian.  I didn't plan to, at all.
But somehow, the longer I do it.......because I want to.......the more normal it feels.
After I got the chicken and biscuits in the oven, I made a dish to take to the studio for lunch.  Actually, I made enough for a couple of lunches.  I cooked some onion and some zucchini in a little oil, added a can of diced tomatoes with green chiles, some black beans, and mixed it with some quinoa.
My husband would turn his nose up and look at me like I had smoked crack.
But trust me, it is delish.

I wanted to clear something up.
I have been on a rant about winter, and I said that NEXT winter I was not spending the whole 5 months in the northeast.  I was serious.  But please, you must know that does not mean that I will be WITHOUT a loom.
C'mon!!!!  You know me better than that.  I will either take one, or buy one when I get there.......but I will not be LOOMLESS. Never fear.

Today I went to the foot doctor, who told me what I already KNEW, that I had plantar fasciitis.   Why do I waste my time, and money?   I always hold out that they will tell me something that is an easy fix, but honestly, I knew better.
I even know how I got plantar fasciitis.  I bought a pair of UGGS, in October, when we went to Maine.  I wore them as soon as it got cold.  My heel started to hurt, and the longer I wore the UGGS, the worse it got.  I gave the UGGS away last week.  Worst $100 I ever spent.  My foot still hurts, and it looks like time is the only real answer.
The podiatrist wanted me to come back and get orthotics made.  He even gave me an appointment.
But why, I ask myself. Why.
I have had these feet for over 60 years.  They work.  Granted, they are not pretty.  I have an arch you could drive a truck through, but they work for me.
I tried that orthotics trip once, about 10 years ago.  I wore them every day, really made the commitment to give it my best shot.  By the end of the first week, I could barely walk.
I don't think it is the wisest idea to try to change someone's feet at my age.  I should have treated myself.
Oh, by the way, did you to doctors, nurses are the worst patients EVER.
Just saying.

Blue jean place mats, with a twist.  The jeans here have been ripped, not cut, so they have a different look.

See them up closer.

Kind of have that shaggy chic look, don't they?
They wear like  a dream, of course, after all, they're JEANS.

So my day was cut short, after the doctor.  I did a little of this, and a little of that.  I spent a couple of hours upstairs in the big bedroom at the back of the house.  I turned the heat up, and finished a shawl, and started another one.  I am loving this color.  It just makes my heart sing.  There's no other way to say it.

I will be finishing this tomorrow, in fact, I can't wait.
That's such a good feeling.
Tonight my favorite show, "The Good Wife" is on.
They are intentionally avoiding  the REAL issue here.
That's OK.  I get it.  It's all about the ratings.
I love a show that keeps your interest PIQUED.


Candy Duell said...

Get yourself a pair of Keene hiking boots. It fixed my feet. My Dr. gave me that advice, and my feet have been really good since. A great investment.

Linda said...

Hilary, I had the same thing. I bought Berkenstocks and my foot problem went away.

I love red!


Tuesday Weavers said...

Like Linda, I wear Birkenstocks. They are the only thing that save my feet because I have the same problem. Gave all my other shoes away!!! Worth a try.

Karen said...

Keene's are awesome. Their summer sandals are awesome too.

weaverpat said...

There are a few websites that have exercises for alleviating plantar fasciitis. They've worked for me. It's not a permanent fix, but it helps when the pain flares up.

Country Girl said...

I've never seen that show. And it stinks about your foot. I have something wrong with mine and it's going to require surgery. Until then, I wear only shoes that work for me. They are not beautiful. But they feel ok.
And I love that red ~

claudia said...

I'm not a nurse, nor have I ever been one, but I am a horrible patient!
I had foot pain, and was told I had Plantar faciitis...I tried many types of shoes on that they recommended I wear. Um NO! $125 - $250 and I think it would have been more comfortable to wear some two by fours strapped to my feet.
I went on a diet and lost twenty pounds...and some foot pain! I never talked to the docotr about that again!
And no, I do not think you need to lose weight. The last picture I saw of you, you looked in great shape! (I was just telling my Plantar story.)
Loving the red shawl!

Karen said...

foot stretching exercises and icing helped mine. Freeze a 16oz plastic water bottle and roll on the floor under your heel and arch. It's coming back though, due to starting to jog...

Leslie said...

I hear ya, Hilary, about this winter. It was 53 in my kitchen this morning. UGH!

I love those placemats! I can just imagine the feel of them, too.

Sarasota, FL is beautiful, and I bet you would love the white sandy beaches. On cold days like this, I wonder why the heck I left there.

Oh, and The Good Wife is awesome! However, WHEN is Alicia gonna tell Will, for goodness sake? I've been on pins and needles just waiting. :)

Have a super wonderful day. My dad heads back to Sarasota today and I'm going to have to restrain myself from hiding in his carry on.

Anonymous said...

I swear by my Birks, too. My chiro recommended rolling a golf ball around on the floor under my arch while barefooted, and it does seem to help. (I figured it wouldn't hurt, and since I found the golf ball, it was FREE, so I gave it a try.) I am a knitter, and I *hate* my feet---my arches are really high, too, and I have never found an off-the-rack pattern that fit wihout making major modifications to it. Stupid feet!


Shrinky said...

We have that series over here, too - I am an avid fan! Your garments and fabrics are beautiful, it must be so rewarding to have the talent to create such things.

Meh, the older I get, the less I take my health for granted - hope your foot heals better soon. I am a rebel, raised vegetarian, I am a complete carnovore now - but hosting Christmas proves challenging - both of my sisters and their familes are (one) Vegan and (the other) still vegetarian. Keeps me on my toes (smile)!

Nancy said...

Don't know how you could have deleted an entire post. Mine does an automatic save as I type. Well, it must have been very annoying!

Love your blue jean placemats. The blues blend together so softly.

I, too, would like to get away from winter for about a month. February is tough because there is no end in sight!

KarenInTheWoods said...

Ohhhh I know what you mean on the feet thing. My friend did the Dr. Scholl interts after a computer analysis. I did the cheap walmart $4 ones. My feet started to ache all the time. Stopped wearing the inserts, feet are fine. LOL

As for The Good Wife... I started watching it, but then kinda waned. Instead now I LOVE LOVE LOVE the new one called Harry's Law with Kathy Bates. A smart powerful lawyer woman who doesn't have to be drop dead gorgeous, and it's refreshing to see an older average gal be a tv star. Hope the show continues and don't get cancelled!
Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I want to go shopping and I just stay home instead because I know my feet will hurt if I go. I was diagnosed with Morton's Neuroma some years ago and until I have surgery I just deal with the pain or stay off my feet... one reason I have gained weight.

I have considered Ugg boots, but only for lolling around the house is... they have absolutely no support in them and are for young girls only I suppose that don't have foot problems.


Need A Latte Mom said...

I was looking at a "shoe review" the other day and were talking about these rounded shoe that are great for your legs.....they had women wearing them for a week or so. One women said it help with her planter f.... don't know how to spell it. May be worth a try.
I have been having "blogging" issues too. More so because I an working during the day and the only time I get get on is when the rest of the world in online too. It has been so slow!

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Because every thread counts