Crazy as a Loom

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Home Sweet Home.

Thank goodness for FaceTime, or I would never have gotten to see my peach.

I'm telling you, there is nothing like being HOME.

We were gone for a month, and it seemed much longer.
I was ready to come back, cold weather or not.

While Roy is a fantastic traveling companion, he was also very happy to be home.

Back at the loom............sweet relief.

Back to my sewing room......

I split and transplanted several sea onions before I left, and they are all doing fine.
Except that I now have about 8 of them, and I can't seem to give them away.

And I still have two big plants that need to be split.
What in the world am I going to do with them all????

I think I'll just have my favorite snack, plain yogurt, bananas and wheat germ, and ponder the sea onion dilemma.

Did I mention that I am beyond thrilled to be HOME?????


Deb said...

Ha! You're just like me. I'm always glad to get home. Glad you had a nice trip. Now just look at that poor dog lying there. lol Deb xo

claudia said...

I like a trip. It gets me out of my comfort zone. And I get to see people I miss, but man, do I love walking back in my front door!

Angela Tucker said...

Oh, I am with you and Roy...a warm fire, a cozy chair. Yep, the perfect place to come home to...Glad to hear that you had a nice vacation.

Daryl said...

good to have you home ... Dale is growing up so fast, she is no longer a toddler ...

Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Roy is certainly glad to be back in front of his fire. Never heard of a sea onion, could you explain?

Dizzy-Dick said...

Roy sure does seem to feel at home, warming himself in front of the fire.

Karen said...

Welcome home!!...

thotlady said...

There is no place like it!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts