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Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Hello there.

I love early morning.
Usually I am up by 5:30 or 6:00.
The cats are waiting to be fed.  Roy wants his tablespoon of cat food that gets his cardiac pills down, and he wants to go out.
By then, my coffee is ready.

I got rid of my Keurig.  I think they are expensive, and I don't like contributing to waste that will never disappear.
I also am not fond of drinking something that is run hot through plastic.  And I think we have become a nation of always wanting the easy way, even if it makes no sense.

I bought this little Melitta, and it makes better coffee than the Keurig, for much less money.

My retail area is the huge front hallway of this house.   It is perfect, I mean really, what else would you do with this space?
This is the only time of day that my woven wearables get any direct sun, and that's just the way I like it.

Do you think it's weird that I wander around my house and take pictures  at the crack of dawn???

I actually started weaving in my nightgown this morning....the light was so enticing.

Walking Roy today, it was so warm, I took my jacket off, and it was perfect, even with short sleeves.

I try to walk Roy in the fields, and the woods, away from the road.  You can see my house in the distance.

There are SIX new hens in the hen house.   They are 19 weeks old, and laying already.   But they are a little shell shocked, I guess, because they won't leave the coop.  I am giving them a couple of days to get adjusted, before I throw them outside.  Other than L and my kids, I am going to start charging for pay for feed.  They are awesomely fresh and good.

Back at the loom...........


MrsB said...

Now you need to get a burr type coffee grinder and some good beans. I like Peet's Major's bold, but it'll sure wake you up.

Cuisinart makes a good, relatively inexpensive expensive one ($90). They last forever.

Kim said...

I have a malitta as well. And the best part is I bought it at a thrift store for $.50!

That light hitting the loom would have enticed me too.

messymimi said...

The man who invented the Keurig is said to regret it, precisely because he hates that so few of the pods get recycled. With beauty like that around, i don't blame you for taking pictures at the crack of dawn.

Angela Tucker said...

Good morning! Early morning is my favorite time, too. So quiet, the world waking up. I love your pictures! How amazing to look around your home to see things that you love and that you made with your own hands. I have quilt on my bed that I made. It's not perfect, it's not fancy, but it is mine and it keeps me warm. True contentment.

Karen said...

I also love early morning - 5:30 we're usually up around here. Your house looks so warm and inviting. and WOW, laying at 19 weeks???.... What kind of chickens did you get? Pictures please :-)

I wore a tee shirt to muck stalls at 8 am! It's a beautiful thing.

janice15 said...

I can't drink coffee anymore but i still make it for family.. And I have that new machine thing because when I stopped making coffee the old way because I couldn't drink it i thought the one cup be great for my daughter and not wasting coffee. Now it sits there and barely gets used because we re formed back to the old way i found a old ceramic filter and i have a old corning ware stove top perkalator so I use that at times or i just perk a pot... They all love it though it takes a bit of time they patiently wait on it... And i do not think its weird you take photos early in the am, so do i lol... Have a wonderful day... With love Janice

Kim said...

This is EXACTLY the same melitta coffee pot and filter I brought home with me from Germany in 1976. This was before the American coffee craze, before Starbucks (which originated in my home city). Now I alternate between filter drip and a sweet french press.

Thank you for the reminder that when I DO get myself a floor loom, it has to be in a room with natural light and, hopefully, morning sun. Happy weaving

Vicky said...

We've never gone the Keurig route- but your Melitta looks divine! I loved seeing where you store your wovens- I could spend hours going through them all and be just delighted in seeing/feeling them I know. I was taught how to arm knit for the very first time- at chemo of all places- and I made a scarf- and now I love wearing it. And the room with the light? The light was the first thing I noticed and I'd be in it as long as I possible could!

Dizzy-Dick said...

I make my coffee in a funnel shaped thingy that sits on top of any cup. Put in filter, coffee grounds, and pour boiling water over it. Mmmmm Goooood.

Devon said...

Yea for getting rid of the Keurig, I never understood the appeal due to the expense and pouring hot water through plastic. The morning light looks perfect... how peaceful your home looks!

catherine said...

I have made my coffee with a porcelain 6 cup Melitta for over fifty years...when you either could purchase one in Germany or in a few health food stores. It is the healthiest way to brew coffee and boiling water temp is hotter than those automatics which brew at a lower temp for a not so delicious coffee. Enjoy!

Daryl said...

i love the very early morning too .. i am up at 5 tho the cats especially Jack think 4 would be better ... and i am loving that new Melitta ... where did you get it? we have a Cuisinart coffee maker but i would love a new Melitta drip like that ... i bet that pot keeps the coffee hot longer

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Because every thread counts