Crazy as a Loom

Monday, July 28, 2014


 So far this summer has been trying......trying to get me to take the bridge.

But I'm holding on, by my fingertips some days tis true, but I am.

April, May, into June, I felt almost normal.  My headaches were so manageable, I got a little "heady".  Sorry, couldn't resist.
If I can't find the humor in all this, I will certainly go mad.

Anyway, about four weeks ago, thereabouts, cause I get sick of keeping track, my headache ramped up to an 7-10, and has stayed right there, day in and day out, 24/7, despite any attempts on my part to dampen it.
Did the hated MRI thing a week ago Friday, but think my doctor is on vacay, and so have no results as of today.

Still, I persevere, and try to go down life's little lane, as if all was well.
The alternative, to throw in the towel, is just not in my nature.

So, as planned since last winter, I am in Maine with two of my three daughters, and four of my five grands.
I tried to leave my headache home with Roy and DH, but it insisted on coming along.
Who can argue?

The house we rented is fully equipped......500 ft of lake frontage,  plenty of kayaks and equipment.

Loons on the lake, that lull one to sleep.
(If and when the gang has given up on their raucous game of ping pong in the basement)

 Sketchy internet.  Only getting this post done, because it is just past the crack of dawn, and I am the ony one using the band width.

But such a small price to pay for this.

It is actually  disturbing to me, when I realize how super "connected" we need to be.

So other than this blog post, and a couple of pics posted to FB at rare intervals, I am trying to "disconnect".

I don't want to miss what is REALLY going on.

I think sometimes we forget, that before we were so attached by the invisible strings of social media, that there was a bigger connection.
A better one.

Lying here in the sun, loons and ducks cavorting around me, in absolute quiet, takes me back to a time, not so long ago, when life was simpler.
And isn't that what "vacation" is all about?


Vicky said...

It is! And I think you are echoing a sentiment heard round the blogosphere… as I look at my reader and see that many haven't posted in over a week or some longer. I always envision they are off enjoying life!

But please know, my positive thoughts and energy are with you always… :)

Karen said...

It sure is!... I just got back from a hectic Vineyard vacation... some natural ocean beauty was enjoyed.. and too much traffic and crowds were tolerated. I need your lake now! Enjoy!

Susan said...

Thanks for taking the time to check in. What a beautiful place! I hope your headache takes a hiatus, too. Enjoy this time.

Deb said...

Well, that is certainly a little piece of heaven. I'm so glad you are able to take advantage of this time of year when you can do some of the things that you love. I only wish that the HH would take a vaca, too. Sending a hug your way, Deb

Dizzy-Dick said...

Oh Wow!! What a beautiful place and you took great pictures. Since I moved to Texas, I haven't heard any loons. They make such a beautiful, mournful sound that one never forgets. Enjoy the best you can.

Daryl said...

lovely skies … hope you relax and enjoy … xo

Hilary said...

You're in a beautiful spot. And I know you heard decent news since this post. Somebody needs to inform that headache that its services are no longer required.

The loons are what I love best about this season on our lake. Could there be a more wonderful series of bird calls?

Enjoy dear friend. And try telling that headache to just eff right off.

Rain said...

Oh Hilary I hope that damn headache could just jump in the lake!! Which lake are you on -I'm on the Blue Hill side of Toddy Pond! A couple days of rain-that must make the HA worse-but going to be nice for awhile now! Enjoy your days and nights here! Peace Hilary-- fondly-Rain

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Because every thread counts