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Thursday, July 31, 2014

Checking in from Acadia.

Early mornings here at the lake mean you can get online to blog if you do it before anyone else decides to use up the band width.

I was up at 5am to get photos of the sunrise, sitting on the dock, listening to the loon swimming by.  But the sunrise was not that impressive, and so my photos were not earth shattering.

It was still lovely though.

Yesterday we went to Acadia.   The kids wanted to see Thunder Hole.
To say that it was MOBBED would be an understatement.  It was crazed.
The lady at the booth took my license, and didn't give it back.  I didn't realize it until too late, and the Park Loop Road is one way at that spot.  But when I got to the gift shop at Thunder Hole, they radioed back for me, and one of the rangers brought it up to me, saving me the trip all around the loop, to fetch it.   She was very apologetic.  I was thrilled that it was that easy to get it back.

The mist was heavy, and visibility not good.   I am not showing you pictures of the masses of tourists scaling the rocks.   We didn't stay there long, it was actually uncomfortable to me, as beautiful as it was.

So we went around the loop to Jordan Pond House, which was also very populated.  We decided to hike the trail around the pond, much to the chagrin of my 4 grands.  Despite some whingeing,  they did a great job of it.

Does it get more beautiful than this????

The park is  a marvelous place, but there are parts of it, most of it, that are just so popular that it is nearly impossible to find pure quiet.
Which to me is sad.

Maybe October.   Mid week.

The weather was really perfect, and the sun was warm.

I am always bringing up the rear, since I am the one taking pictures.  I always joke that years from now, my kids will say.............where is Mom in all these photos????  
Oh, yeah, she was taking them.

It was a pretty easy 3.5 mile walk......these boards seemed to go on forever, and took all my attention.

The hardest part was a section of rocks, which I did NOT take any pictures of.  I was too busy being vewy, vewy careful.  You know my history with ROCKS.

Soaking up these views make one very grateful to just be alive.

 By the time we got back, they were starting to serve DINNER at Jordan Pond House, so popovers on the lawn were out.
So instead we headed back to Ellsworth to Hannaford to shop for dinner.

Saying goodbye to the Bubbles.

I think this is an awesome idea.   No more plastic bottles, I say.


Dizzy-Dick said...

Very lovely pictures. You did a great job. Thank you for letting us tag along on your visit to that wonderful place.

Susan said...

What a beautiful, peaceful place - and thank you for NOT including the populace in the photographs. I love the idea of boxed water. It so civilized.

thecrazysheeplady said...

I haven't heard of boxed water! Thanks for sharing.

Karen said...

Never heard of it! Great idea! And.. love your photos, wow, what a beautiful place on earth. We hope to get there next year.

Rain said...

Yup.... U won't find many Mainers at Acadia or Bar Harbor in the summer!! And in Oct make sure to wait till after the leaiu

Rain said...

Pushed wrong key..... Trying to say leaf peepers!! Rain

Country Girl said...

I can't stand Thunder Hole. Have you been to Schoodic Point? I prefer it over there compared to Thunder Hole (and it's much more quiet). In June, there are less crowds. Right now is peak tourist season at the park. I think your photos are great, Hilary!


Sharon said...

Beautiful - thanks! And boxed water, what a great idea. I haven't heard of it.

Sharon said...

Beautiful - thanks! And boxed water, what a great idea. I haven't heard of it.

Daryl said...

that sunrise was beautiful maybe not as much as others but still ... i think Maine is THE summer getaway for a lot of bloggers .. lets see .. Kate, Reena, you, my friend Gail and there's someone else whose blog/instagram photos i follow .. can't think .. gotta get there .. xo

Avalanche Looms / Susan Johnson said...

All those pathways are so good. That lake is a gem, and I'm from Minnesota (high standards for lakes). It's cool here, and the sky is hazy all day from the western forest fires. The sun isn't too bright. It's the perfect summer. I keep feeling how lucky we are to be living in peace.

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Because every thread counts