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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Let's hear it.

Tammy, open your eyes, please.  That's what a model does, you know, smiles for the camera.
I finally got three shawls done.
Here they are.

Mobius shawl  #1, in purples and blues.

No, the model does not threaten the photographer and order her to crop your head off.

What, the sun is  in your eyes??
I guess I could have put some sun glasses on you.

Mobius shawl #2  blue/purple

Finally, eyes open, and smiling, too.
You're the best, Tam.

Mobius #3, turquoise.

She was actually just being nice to me, since L and I just delivered a loom to her house.

The new improved me does not need this many rug looms, so the Union Special is now residing at Tammy's house.
Her first loom.

Hopefully, she will be weaving rugs for me.  And eventually, I am sure she will be weaving them for herself.

Finally got back to the studio, to work on my new towel warp.   Listening to Pandora, with the fire roaring.
Does it get any better?

Yes, I know, the colors are wild.

I have no idea where this color combo came from.
I just know that I am having a blast weaving it.

Thanks for stopping by.
I am feeling better by the day.  I love telling you that.  You deserve to hear it, after listening to my HH woes for so long.


Joy said...
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Joy said...

Love love love those shawls....are they for sale? I need a birthday gift for my sister! And yes, thsoe color choices on the loom are...loud.... But I like loud colors, they spice life up!
So VERY glad to see you functioning again...but take care to not overdo....

Donna said...

The colors on the loom remind me of a flannel shirt. I think it would be perfect for a cabin in the woods!

Susan said...

The shawls are to die for and just like the knitted moebius, I'm in awe! So happy to hear you're feeling better too--yeah, yeah!

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I love the red, black, white color combo!

Country Girl said...

Hallelujah! Such a pretty shawl, too. Thanks for modeling, T.

Country Gal said...

I am soo happy you are feeling better . Your work is beautiful such lovely colours ! Have great day !

claudia said...

Those shawls are beautiful! I love, love, love the colors you have done. Of course, I have always admired your color selections. The towels especially, Great colors!!!
I also love that you can tell us that you are doing so well!
Happy days are here again...

Hilary said...

This makes me smile.. your improvement.. Tammy's smile.. her demand that you cut her head out from the pic. That actually made me laugh.

I love the shawl colours... particularly the first one. Well.. all of them. Beautiful.

Your towel colours surprise me. I can't say I've ever noticed you using red before.

messymimi said...


And those shawls are beautiful, as is your model.

Connie in Hartwood said...

We love hearing about your good days (and your bad days, too) and we especially love hearing the enthusiasm and energy in your voice again!

Daryl said...

LOVE that color combo ...

Tammy looks great in those shawls .. beautiful colors

Donna said...

The shawls are exquisite!
I would LOVE to purchase one - but don't see them on your website.
If it's apossiblity, could you contact me?

Linda K's Stitching Corner said...

Wow...I just love your Blog...I love looking at your Loom and all of the things that you make with your weaving loom. This is so interesting to me. You sure do beautiful work. I love everything that you have made...your Shawls are so pretty.

I too have a Blog and I would love for you to be a follower on is the link:

Rita said...

Beautiful shawls and I like the bright red and black, too. Glad you are feeling better. :)

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Because every thread counts