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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A stroll and a chat.

While I was away, I got to go to the Rachel Carson Wildlife Refuge.  If I lived near here, I would be walking this path EVERY day.  It was that lovely.

The paths were well maintained, the views were refreshing, and the quiet was music.

So come along, I've taken some pictures to show you what it's like, while I chat about other things.

I can't wait until the 14th to draw for a name.  The winner is so OBVIOUS, that it's embarrassing.
It's wonderful.  I knew she would come up with a marvelous name, but she outdid herself.
So without further ado.........

The winner is Hilary, of  The Smitten Image
The tag is already being made at the printer's.
Here it is:

So the FIRST monkey off the production line will be headed to Toronto, with a note to Customs, to refrain from 'feeling' him up.

The first monkeys will be up for sale on Monday or Tuesday, with any luck.

Today was back to work.  Weaving to be done.  Sewing blue jeans.  

Update on HH.  It is still my constant companion, day in, and day out.
But it's better.   That sounds strange to say, but it's true.  I still have days when they are nearly debilitating, but those days are few and far between.  Mostly my headache hovers at a 3-4, and occasionally ramps up to a 7-8, but usually not for long.

I am still going to acupuncture.
And I have had my thyroid medicine adjusted, and I am on the mother lode of Vitamin D, since it seems I have none.

And I am still hopeful.  Thinking positive thoughts.

I know that HH has changed my life.
Not just the last 7 months, 3 weeks.
But the rest of my time on this planet.

Because how can I ever take anything for granted, after a headache 24/7 since last October??
I don't think I can.

I know now that I am grateful for days that don't get above a 3-4.
I think a day with no headache will be like being reborn.

But because this headache just descended on me one day out of the blue, I will never feel safe from it.

I will always know how quickly it can put me to my knees.

So every day that it doesn't level me, is a day to celebrate.

I learned, years ago, in Al Anon, that acting "as if" was a way to get through tough times.
So I act "as if" I don't have a headache, whenever I can get away with it.

Whatever works, right?

So other than some 'monkey business',  I am planning to weave and kayak the summer away.
What about you??
What are your plans for the summer?

Oh, brother, this is getting long......are you still awake??

It was hard to pick pictures to show you, so I am probably showing you too many.

Bear with me, we're almost at the end.

We met a couple of locals on the path, power walking.
It was such a beautiful place to walk.

The ocean was pretty far away, this was taken with my zoom, so it looks closer than it really was.

Thanks for coming.  Stay tuned for the monkeys!!!  


Kathy said...

Hilary, when you show your photos, I, too, get to go on a little vacation! Your pics take me away from a stessful day at a large, busy suburban HS, filled with kids and teachers always asking questions, and phones ringing, usually with people who are NOT happy... and never being able to complete a thought without being interrupted.
We are going to Canada this summer, to our 'usual' place in Northern Quebec, on a quiet lake, with friends, and hoping the weather is perfect (as it is most of the time in late July), and we can sit at the lake during the day, and sit at the fire at night, talking and dreaming and wtahing the stars. No phones, no TV's...
Then, we'll stop back in VT for a few days to see our sons. YAY!!! Can't wait for that! I'll probably get to go to a few yarn shops, and hopefully, to Vermont Flower Farm on RT 2 to buy some AWESOME daylillies, and go to some other favorite places. DH will HAVE to ride the ferry across L.Champlain...Charlotte is a good one to just walk on. Or, maybe we'll drive across the NEW bridge....and I so hope we can come to visit you on the way through to the Northway (going south this time..uggh) and I can choose a rug to buy and have a wonderful souvenir of our Summer of 2012!

Anonymous said...

Oh, my... GREAT name for the monkey. I didn't even submit a suggestion because I just couldn't think of anything creative. Hope monkey loves Canada!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you're in this world. :)


Theresa said...

What an awesome place that park is. I walked it years ago but I don't think it was as well maintained then.
Silent Spring is 50 years old this year BTW. Going back one post, I thoroughly enjoyed the walk with Roy too.
Imagine all of nature embodied in a bit of fur and bone. ;) Enjoy your time in Maine and here's hoping each headache day is better than the one past.

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Fantastic name and tag for the monkeys!
Loved all your pictures. Thank you so much for showing them. We can't afford any traveling for now so the pics helps me feel better.
You are doing so much good for so many people by letting us share your life. I am glad you are in this world too!

Cait Throop said...

Oh I LOVE the name, Hilary!!! LOVE!! Can't wait to get my monkey! And your photos...couldn't get bored with them, they are truly lovely and I'm pining for the ocean right now! I know what you mean about your HH...sort of makes you lose your confidence in your body and health. Never take it for granted, that's for sure.

Hilary said...

So no monkey business at customs, eh? ;) Thanks, my namesake. I very much look forward to welcoming my adorable Prime Mate. :)

This place is just beautiful and what better way to enjoy it than a walk with you and Roy. Thank you for this.

Daryl said...

So lovely .. listen about the Vit D .. someone like you who is out and walking every day in the sun .. hard to believe you are Vit D deficient.. personally I think its a lobby pushing doctors to proscribe Vit D in huge pills to everyone .. I really cannot believe everyone I know who has been to a doctor in the last 2 yrs is Vit D deficient .. really, I cant. AND be aware that Vit D taken in huge doses causes cramps in legs and hands .. after the 'script dose ran out I told my doctor I wasnt taking it any more .. she didnt argue ..

Peg Cherre said...

I LOVE the name of your monkeys, and the subtitle. Both are brilliant!

Although I didn't respond to your post about eyes, I personally like the buttons better, but sure do understand the little kids thing, so would offer both options. That's just me.

Karen said...

What a glorious place...

and I LOVE LOVE LOVE the name for the monkeys!! How creative! Just perfect, really.

Glad HH is starting to recede... that's how it starts. And I can't promise but I can tell you it's likely.. there will be a day when HH is a memory with only minor reminders now and then.

Country Girl said...

What a beautiful place this wildlife refuge is. I would walk there every day, too! And that Hilary is probably one of the most clever wordsmiths I know. I love her name for the Sock Monkey!!
Glad to hear HH is a little better. Makes me smile.

KarenInTheWoods said...

NEVER too many pictures!

It's like going on a walk with you through the woods, and listening to your thoughts.

thanks for the gentle conversation!~

Karen and Steve
(Our Blog) RVing: Small House... BIG Backyard

Unknown said...

I knew she would win too. What a perfect name.
I just realized that I have one heck of a time looking at the pictures and reading at the same time. I almost need to do one then go back and do the other, yikes I'm really getting old.
Looks wonderfully peaceful.

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Because every thread counts