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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Enough already.

We haven't seen him for a while.  No, not Next.  Enough.
But this morning, he was there at the food bowl, gobbling it down like he hadn't eaten in a while.
He's been neutered, so I guess he is just a wanderer, unlike his brother, Next,who seems content to stay put.

What a face.

The studio is getting cleaned and organized, and looking good.

I came across this shuttle, not sure where it came from.
It's all Greek to me.

If you know what kind of shuttle it is, and what the brushes are for, please enlighten me.

 It was another hot, hot day.  The studio was NOT as cool as yesterday.  It wasn't as hot as it was outside, but it wasn't cool and comfy.

 Miss Puss isn't commenting.

I came up with a new rug, which has received a THUMBS DOWN from Lois AND Tammy.
All kinds of reasons, not the least of which, is that they would get sucked up the vacuum cleaner.

OK, maybe it's not practical.
Maybe it's even silly.
But I like it.

It certainly is a concern, that HH will permanently affect my brain, and thus my thinking.
Oh, well, at least it's colorful.


Trish at Tangled Threads said...

Well, I LIKE the rug. Just don't let it near the vacuum cleaner.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

Oh yes, that face. What're you lookin' at? I was hungry so I stopped by.

Yes, I would say the rug is not practical.

Valerie said...

The brushes on the shuttle....they are used to tame static on threads. Silk, for example, is notoriously static-y.

I've seen shuttles with pieces of rabbit pelt w/fur glued in the same areas, but I've not seen brushes before.

Country Girl said...

Colorful, yes. I'd have to see the whole thing to make a better assessment. Looks like some of shag rug ~

claudia said...

Enough looks like he's thinking I should have come by sooner the food here is good!
I like the rug. Maybe it would be the kind you'd hang out and beat the dirt out of as opposed to vacuuming.

Susan said...

I have a shuttle just like that one (no brushes though, but strands of monofilament lines that do a similar thing of taming fine threads.

Its an end delivery shuttle that came from a north eastern state textile mill. The shuttle is large, heavy and metal tipped on the ends for the fly shuttles on the mills.

Hope this helps...

Shuttle, Hook and Needle said...

Susan is right about the shuttle. I have a couple of them. They could kill a person if they flew off of the loom.
I like the look on Enough's face!

The rug might be good as a bath mat?

Anonymous said...

Susan is correct, it is an end feed fly shuttle used in the weaving mills. The brushes are to slow the the weft from unwinding too fast, fur was also used. I have several of these shuttles, one came from Germany, one from England and the other I am not sure. The rug is fun, but would be deadly to my vacume.

Karen said...

All practical and no silly would make Hilary a very dull girl.

I think it's awesome.

Unknown said...

That shuttle looks exactly like the ones I use. Mine are from AVL, but don't have the brushes. I have a problem sometimes where the threads are spinning so fast off the end of the pirn that they whip themselves out of the tension mechanism. Adding these brushes would be a great way to stop that from happening. Thanks for posting those pics!

Murr Brewster said...

I don't know what that shuttle is, nor do I know what a shuttle is, but my sister would, because she gives workshops at weaving conferences. However you already got a bunch of answers so that I don't have to weigh in and tell you it's one of those hairbrushes that turns inside out so you can pack it in your purse. Also, I LOVE that rug. Whoever doesn't is a terrorist.

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