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Monday, January 23, 2012

Weave, weave, weave.

Sydney says:

Where's Olivia???

Oh, Syd.  You look so sad.  She might not come today if it's going to rain.

 Wait.  Did you hear the door??

Yup.   It's her.

HEY Olivia.

Can't spend too much time schmoozing, got some weaving to do.

It's never too soon to be exposed to weaving.

You never know when a weaver is "in the making".

Oh, Olivia, you are too beautiful.

Today might have been gray and gloomy, even rainy, but we were swimming in color, lots of it.
L and I made this 5'x7' cotton rug.
Sure to cheer anyone up.

These are the rugs that are just too much fun.   Since they are going up on my web site for sale, and they aren't being made for someone specifically, we got to choose whatever colors we wanted.
Takes the pressure off.
And who needs pressure.
Not me.


Anonymous said...


spindrift,maine said...

Oh, oh, Olivia! A ray of sunshine on a cloudy day! ;o)

mudmaven said...

Absolutely gorgeous - baby, cat AND rugs! As is almost always the case, your post made my day! ~chris

Hilary said...

I love the colours in that rug. Just beautiful. And then there's Syndey. Just beautiful. And Olivia? Perfection. That little one is a heart-melter. How do you keep from constantly kissing those cheeks? Either set. :)

Two Guys and a Loom said...

How gorgeous.... and that rug ain't bad either!!!!

Country Girl said...

None of us needs it, that's for sure. I love the name Olivia ~ beautiful child.

That Janie Girl said...

Beautiful Olivia - and beautiful work! Love that your cat loves her!

Daryl said...

that photo of Olivia kissing Sydney is too precious for words .. if you feel stress or pressure I think a look at that photo and I bet the stress/pressure vanishes

Marsel said...

Love to see handwork of any sort being passed to the next generation!

Karen said...

Sid & Olivia learn to Weave.. I see an adorable childrens book here.

Need A Latte Mom said...

Syd looks like he lost his best friend.
And that rugs belongs in a beach house!
I need that rug.
And a beach house to put it in. Can you make one of those too?

michelle - typical libra said...

You take so many amazing photos but the first one in this post of Sydney is amazing. The colors pop and the shift of his eyes is just fantastic! I hope you get some relief from these headaches soon.

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Because every thread counts