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Friday, October 7, 2011

A little off topic.

I neglected to say in my first stab at yesterday's post, that I would draw the name of the winner  on Sunday evening.......I added it later, so for those of you who read my post early on, I just wanted to let you know.

Now, off subject. A question to all the women out there.
Have you ever been out walking your dog, or just walking, and wished that you could face into some bushes, and relieve your screaming bladder???   You know, like a man can???
Without taking half your clothes off, and baring your butt for the world to see?
Ah, yes, I know you could wear a dress, and pull it off, but with my luck, I would pee on the dress.
I just wish that ONCE, I could take a whiz like that, without worrying about poison ivy, or peeing on my shoe, or losing my balance and toppling over into the pickers.
That's all.
While Roy gets to pee 52 times on a walk, before I give up counting, and I am unable to go even once,
well, it just seems so unfair.
There.   I felt moved to rant just then.

The weaving bootcamp is concluded, and it was a good time.
They had a blast.
We ate, drank, did a lot of weaving, and talking and laughing.   I am sure that they are as tired as I am.

Not only did Diane, on the left, come up with a great idea for the new chunky chair pad, but she also made a 'rocking' blue jean caterpillar table runner.
Not pictured is Lynne's table runner, that she just finished this morning, with selvedges as good as mine.
I am impressed!

When L got there this morning, she suggested that we try a rug in the 'chunky chair pad' style.
I said, yes, let's.
Then with one pointed question, she changed the entire process.
ONE QUESTION.  WHY are you doing it THAT way?
And OMG, I am serious, she just cut the labor involved in these rugs in HALF.
Lois, my lovely apprentice.

And here it is.....fat, chunky, colorful, and NEW.

The evolution of the Solmate sock rug, from our first efforts a few years ago, to this rug which will NOT SHED.

Is thick and cushy enough for next to the bed, in front of the tub, soft enough for the baby or the dog.
Sorry, Sydney.  You know I meant you, too.

I am totally smitten with the way it looks, its chunkiness, and the new, improved, slimmed down version of prep work.

I am fairly jumping with joy.

I almost don't mind that I can't pee in the bushes standing up.


joyceetta said...

Honestly, Hilary, I like this chunky sock rug more than I like the original. Congratulations on the 2 new items?

Hilary said...

Very cool.. it looks like maybe you've weaved with fuller sections of sock? Or something?

Somewhere out there, there's a device for women (no, not that one) which facilitates peeing outdoords.

WeaveThings said...

Love the new chunky rugs and the "BUM BUMPER" (I'll post that on the other post :)

Great in the morning when the floor is cold on the toes!


Cindie said...

I love love love the new chunky rug!

Anonymous said...

Ladies, let me introduce you to the shewee... now women can stand up and take control!! just go to it even comes in pretty pink and you can buy and extension tube for times when the need arises... L.

Restless Knitter said...

I was laughing with the beginning of this post. Growing up on a 240 acre farm with woods that we explored as kids, we became good at not getting anything on our clothes.

I'm in love with Diane's table runner. I admit that at first glance I thought it was a rug and I could picture it in my house.

Hooray for L cutting your labor in half!

Sharon said...

I agree. The chunky rug has wonderful appeal. I have to tell you that my mother and grandmother used to tell a joke - something to the effect that a little girl on a picnic was being rushed to the outhouse because she was about to have an emergency. On the way, she saw a little boy peeing in the trees and exclaimed - Look, Ma. What a handy thing to take on a picnic!!

moosecraft said...

Yes... on those long road trips (where the public bathroom facilities are less than desirable) I had daydreamed about adapting a plastic funnel... for use for women to stand and pee... it's the cleaning and storage of said device (after use) that has me puzzled... LOVE the chunky rug! It would be fabulous to have chunky soft sunshine to step onto every morning when waking up! :-) You just might be turning me into a weaver sooner than later... ;-)

Anonymous said...

I think I will be putting in an order for a rug soon! Just moved to new place and that rug speaks to me! What good vibes it will bring to a room :-)

Karen said...

LOL... oh, Hilary, I do like your straight up with it attitude :-)

The chunky rug is divine!....what a great rug for a dog or cat to lie on...

Stickhorsecowgirls said...

You are too funny! The other day my friend said that almost every woman she knows is on meds for overactive bladder! Well, I'm not, but I probably need to be. Really, it is such a pain to go shopping or anything! At times I've wondered if I could drive behind a building and pee in a paper cup without anyone seeing me--you know--in the car! Maybe I should get the windows tinted! lol
P.S. LOVE the new rug!

Sweetpea said...

Well, it just goes from one lovely thing to the next over here.
You know sometimes, I wish I didn't live on the other side of the country...

Chunky ROCKS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Get a Pstyle!

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts