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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Getting ready for Sunday.

Tomorrow is my turn to take my mother to the Salvation Army.  My three daughters and I each do it once a month. We all find the service painful, not because we don't have faith in a power greater than ourselves, but because it is not the church we are used to, grew up in, feel comfortable with.
But we do it, because we love her. Of course, this is not enough for her.
She knows that we are not  smitten like she is, but still she tries to engage us in conversation after the fact.  She actually tries to get us to say how great it is, even though she knows better.  I think what she really wants is for us to admit that we hate it, so she can argue why it is wonderful, and convince us of the error of our ways.
It is a painful dance.
There is, however, lunch afterwards, her treat.  And that can be quite enjoyable.  Then the grocery store.
She looks forward to this all week, and love makes it happen.
I think, though, that I am holding out for a tambourine.  Or else.
I only wish I had the nerve to curl up on the bench, and take a nap right through it all.   Noone would notice, but her.

If this headache is because of the barometric pressure, I am doomed.  If it is ragweed, I pray for a heavy frost.  Now.

Yesterday I saw this video, about a soldier, Tyler Southern, doing rehab, after losing both legs and one arm in Afghanistan.......does anyone know why we are there?  But I digress.
His good arm works, though it is severely damaged.
During the entire interview, there were clips of him working out, walking on his mew metal legs, getting married, planning his life.  Smiling.
He said, "I didn't feel that me crying about it would help the situation at all, and I know it won't.  Crying ain't gonna grow anything back."
And then, "I'm chronically happy, It's kinda hard to get me off the happy horse."

The sparkle in his eyes testified to that truth.

I am humbled, not by his service......I don't think he should have been there to begin with.  But I am humbled by his spirit, and his gumption, and his courage.  That is the real deal.
American Idol, really.
You can read all about it HERE

Sydney says:  Looks like you still got that headache.

I made a caterpillar rug for a shop in Vermont.   You can't help but feel cheery when you are making one of these.

Then I prepped socks of one color scheme, for two more rugs  for the same shop.

This is the rug I was working on the other day, the one you asked me about.

Hola, chica.......maybe you need to go to the doctor.
Says Sydney with a wink.


linda said...

Are you taking decongestants/antihistamines? Snorting saline? Sounds like maybe you've developed a bit of a sinus infection, with the way that headache is lingering...and yes, I know I'm preaching to the choir!
Try throwing a HOT heating pad over your face and mebbe a tad tot of whiskey and honey...hope you feel MUCH better soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... headaches... I rarely get them but when they hit I find I have to sleep them off. Hope a change in the weather will cure yours.

You are certainly a better daughter than I ever was. My mom had really weird thoughts on life, religion, medicine. You would have had to hit me over the head with that church pew to get me to go with her. Ugh.

LA said...

MANY years ago, I heard a speaker talk about attitude. She said that when she got up each morning, she had a choice: be happy OR not be happy. She chose to be happy. Sounds simple, huh? Some days I have to fight to keep on the "sunny side" but it usually pays off. I love smiling and joking at the old grump at the post office...and before I leave, he usually is smiling back.

Country Girl said...

Oh, darn. Salvation Army day. I believe that's where your headache came from.
Sydney looks like such a sweet cat. And that caterpillar rug is lovely.

Hilary said...

Inspiring tale, for sure.

It seems that Sydney has good advice... and one hell of a wink.

Valerie said... could learn a lot from a kitty...maybe take her advice?

FWIW, I wouldn't go to a SA service, but I do donate stuff to their store. The proceeds from that goes to their inpatient rehab facility for chemical addictions. They are the only facility in the Detroit area that has a transition program back into the community. Oh, and the local unit gives meeting space for the local knitting guild free of charge, including use of the kitchen.

So perhaps your Mom's SA doe something (anything?!) good like that...which would be someplace to center your thoughts while you have to be there?

Anonymous said...

Not sure how to respond to your post Hilary... As a veteran who is also married to a veteran I am very proud of the service and sacrifice of this young man. It was not his option to question why he was fighting in Afghanistan it was his duty to go where he was ordered to go and accomplish whatever mission was his to accomplish. I realize that most people don't understand why we are at war, heck I am not always sure why...but, if not us and our volunteer force -- who? Pretty sure that most people do support our combat forces and those that have been killed or injured in service to our country- but, these same people should also remember those that serve our country do so with pride and fierce determination to do what they view is the right thing.

Okay, I am now off my soap box....Love Sydney's new rug! Sure hope the SA service is not too long - have to admit I laughed at you wish for a tamborine! Feel better dear lady.

Karen said...

Hilary, I'm with you although none of us is attempting to take sides. I don't think we should be over there either. It's not about pride or sacrifice and determination, which all of these courageous servicemen and women have. My cousins are among them. It's about feeling that their lives shouldn't have been put on the line for this particular cause in the first place..and that's a matter of opinion, I realize. NO offense to Thistle Rose Weaving intended.

Headache woes - right now there are a number of things.. ragweed, moldy wet leaves on the ground, mold, period... and barometric stuff. I do find Alka Seltzer cold liquid gels really help with the weather headache, believe it or not.. and Benadryl helps with allergy headache but makes for a zombie feeling. Not fun, but I know what you're going through.

Just make sure you don't have a sinus infection (fever?) ....

Sharon said...

I sure do like your caterpillar rugs. It seems to be that a solid color sheet from Goodwill and some sock loopers would work. I really gotta try it. Thanks to the tip on Leesburg Looms - my warp arrived today!

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