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Monday, October 3, 2011

Ah, October.

Finally, the cats are integrated.
Lucy has been upstairs, and the rest of them have been down.  We have let one or two of them go up on occasion, so everyone knows that there is a new girl in town.
This has gone on since last week.  Today I said, enough already.
I opened all the doors.
Miss Puss moaned deep in her throat, while hiding under a piece of furniture.
Kizzy took one look and ran the other way.
Sydney, looking fierce, batted the air from around the corner of the door, while hissing loudly.
Jinx looked scared to death.  When Lucy finally found herself downstairs,  they almost ran into each other coming around a corner, knocking the broom down and making quite the clatter.   Then they both high tailed it off.
After about an hour of this, they all found someplace to sleep.
Except for Kizzy.
I guess he thought I needed help.

I had orders to ship out, and some organization to do.  And some socks to cut.

I am presently knitting some fingerless mitts for my daughter, in angora.  I have started them three times, to get the right size.  Angora is lovely to work with, but different.
When I bought it, at the Fiber Festival, I was tempted to buy a couple of rabbits and grow my own angora.
But the impulse passed.
Sometimes, when I have these crazy ideas, if I wait a bit, they will evaporate.
Thank God.
I usually like Mondays.  Not so much today.  I would have liked it better if the sun had shined.  But it didn't, so I just put my mind to getting some work done.  And I did.
I love October though, and I am definitely going to plan some days off. I know this month will get away from me, but not without a fight.


Denise at Autumn Sky said...

I like fingerless gloves. I bought a pair last year and mostly wear them in the house when the back of my hands gets cold.

MarthaVA said...

So have all the cats made up or are they just going to avoid each other till they forget who the new kid is?
Love the kitty in the photo above.
Sorry your Monday wasn't great. Mine was one of the better ones in the last 3 weeks....
We are supposed to get sunshine down here in VA on Weds, for a few days. I think I'll have to go get my dose of Vit D by sitting out in the sun as much as I can!

Heather said...

Maybe you've mentioned this before, but I have always meant to ask... where do all these piles of zany socks come from?

Anonymous said...

Everyone should take a bit of time off in October no matter where they live. It's just the best month of the year.

Deb said...

Takes some nerve to throw caution to the wind but as long as there's no blood-shed I think it works best. They'll just have figured it out when it will all change again. Cats are pretty 'fluid' in their hierarchy. Keeps it interesting. Love your photos today. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

Deb said...

Sorry..that's photo.

claudia w said...

So far, October and Monday have been pretty good to me. My Monday means the first day of my weekend, so no matter what I love a Monday!
I finally got my warp board put up permanenetly on the wall in my "Loom Room". I made a warp, now I just need to practice getting it on the loom. I'm doing this with a video and a book to learn from. I'm so excited first big girl loom!

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Because every thread counts