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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

There is a reward.

I'm not sure how many people I have taught how to weave, I should have kept track, but I didn't.
But between weaving weekends, and day classes, I know that there have been a lot.
Lois has been my apprentice since last November, but didn't start weaving right  away.

She just finished this 12 ft runner today.

It will lay perfectly flat in a few days off the loom.
I think she did an amazingly good job.  I can say this for sure, Lois has earned the right to call herself a weaver.  She has worked hard, and she has paid attention.
Oh, sure, she has a lot to learn, but don't we all?  
I don't expect I will ever know it all, I just plan on having a good time trying.

I love that I have passed on what I know to her, and to a whole bunch of other people.  I know that they aren't all still weaving.  Some people take lessons, learn the basics, have a good time, and then forget all about it.  I know also that a lot of them ARE still weaving, because they email me now and then, to ask a question, or share some of their successes, or just to say hello.  They were hooked from the first, and they will keep weaving probably for their entire lives.  That makes me happy.   I have promoted the craft of weaving rag rugs, and hopefully those people will do the same.
There is incredible satisfaction in that.


Anonymous said...

Lois, you are indeed a weaver - Way to go girl!!!!

Cait Throop said...

YAY Lois!!! That is a wonderful rug! xo

ladyoftheloom said...

Beautiful runner Lois!

I have been wondering how wide you cut the fabric strips for the rag rugs? How close to you sett the warp? I have woven placemats out of 1/2" strips with warp sett at 8epi but not sure about a rug.

Connie in Hartwood said...

I call this Feeding the Fire. You do it with weaving ... I do it with roses. There is a lot of satisfaction in watching someone blossom and leave their 'beginner' status behind.

Lois's runner is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

That runner is beautiful!
Then there are those countless numbers you have encouraged...I am one!
Thank you!
claudia w

Lee Anna said...

Hilary, you do wonderful work, both in the weaving you do and in sharing your craft. Lois, beautiful work! You are a wonderful weaver. A credit to yourself and your teacher.

Lee Anna

Anonymous said...

Weaving is a wonderful craft that deserves and needs to be passed on to others. Good job on your part for teaching her and I am smiling inside for Lois.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts