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Monday, September 5, 2011

Let's have a moment of quiet.

OK, so it's a little hectic right about now.  I feel like I am on a collision course with myself.
But DH is stable, and hopefully will come home soon to recuperate.
After a day of craziness, I am ready to lounge on the couch, and reminisce about the loveliness that is Maine in August.

I think that all winter I will be able to pull these pictures up, and feel good all over again.
I am trying to keep some of the serenity I found on 'Golden Pond'.

My kayaks got a workout, every day, several times a day.  The pond was quiet, and beautiful.  The water was warm and clean.  The smell of the pines, the sound of the water on the shore, the creak of the dock.  The warmth of the sun.  A slight breeze.
Are ya' with me??

Little girls playing, laughing.

Good books........

Loons who entertained us, and who lulled us to sleep with their song.....

I only took my camera with the new lens out in the kayak ONCE.  It was just too nerve wracking.
I was rewarded though, with this shot.

Now you get to see how really UNDYED my hair is. Ha!!!
I look so concerned, don't I?

I have to have white hair.....look at the size of my grandson.

Sometimes we just paddled out to the middle of the pond, and sat.
The absence of noise was incredible.

We were all transported away from the daily grind.  There was just no place for it here.

And spending time together is what memories are made of.  

I think someday my grandchildren will remember going to Maine with their Mimi.
Their 'crazy Mimi'.

As long as we all felt this "look of wonder", for even a little while.......that's all that matters.

Thank you friends, for all your kind words of support, and encouragement, and for your prayers.
It really means so much.


Unknown said...

Looks heavenly.
Mimi was the name I had for my maternal grandmother.
Hang in there, both of you.

Rubye Jack said...

It's so good to hear your husband is stable and coming home soon.
Maine is so incredibly beautiful. I really would not want to ever have to leave there. White hair is a good thing btw.

Marsel said...

These pictures are beautiful...Maine is just gorgeous. I'm so glad you had a lovely vacation, even if the end wasn't as planned...glad your husband is doing okay. (I think your hair looks fabulous, by the way. I look forward to the day that I can copy your style!)

Susan said...

Glad to hear Hub is doing okay and will be coming home soon. That has to feel good...

My daughter is raving about Maine and she's only lived there a week! She and her hubby blew in just after Irene cleared the way... and they are waiting for their furniture. She's in Portland and has already had a lobster dinner and visited the lighthouses!
Since I must see their new house sometime, I'll get to see this 'bliss' of yours too...

Big hugs...Susan

Sweetpea said...

Well, you know whut I'm a'thinkin'? You should change your "About Me" photo to THIS photo above...night and day, those two images. There's a determined spirit in THIS photo...luv everything about it!

...just had to say. Determined spirits deal very well with craziness that comes their way :>]]

Hilary said...

Beautiful place and beautiful people.

Anonymous said...

Your vacay was WONDERFUL! So happy to see you relaxed and happy. Also very very relieved to hear that DH is on the mend.

Stop and kiss Roy Boy on the head for me.

Take care dear lady.

MarthaVA said...

The photos are like mediation for me. Thank you for sharing, even tho your life is crazy right now. We all know you can handle it. The vacation was timely, I'm sure.
Healing thoughts to your hubby. (hugs) to you.
Smooches to Roy.

Lili said...

Yes the grandchildren will remember it for a lifetime. So lovely. And white hair or not, you are the picture of youth! ~Lili

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Because every thread counts