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Friday, September 9, 2011

Little Day Trip

We wanted to investigate the area where we stayed in Maine,  so we packed the crew up, and headed out.  The sun shone all week long, we were so lucky.

We took a drive down to Deer Isle, with a destination of Stonington.

There were  so many picture opportunities, my head was spinning.

Not a bad problem to have, that's for sure.

We checked out a few little shops, although it was obvious that shopping was not really on our agenda.  We did find a place to eat lunch, Fisherman's Friend, but while the service was great, the food was not so great, and it was pricey to boot.  I wouldn't recommend it.
Just sayin.

I felt like the papparazzi again, taking pictures of my kids and grandkids.
Maybe I'm missing my REAL calling.
Yeah, right.

Someone asked me about the picture of us all eating out in yesterday's post, said we didn't look too cheery.
Well, the truth is that we were exhausted.............lots of SUN, a load of SAND, and hiking up a mountain.
And despite their mothers' best efforts to 'de-sand' their daughters, I'm afraid that there was still some irritating sand making them uncomfortable, and they were exhausted, AND grumpy.
The boys, on the other hand, were ready to order FOOD.
But I am showing you the real deal after all, no sugar coating here.
We aren't a perfect family.
Just a family.  We argue, and bicker, and nag, but.........we also laugh, and hug, and share our victories, and our defeats.
And sometimes dinners aren't that much fun.  And sometimes they are.



Now I know how those reporters feel who take pictures of Hollywood stars out running errands.

Ah, but here's what matters.......and what we really wanted to enjoy.  Maine.
Phooey on shopping.

Looking a little cheerier, aren't we??

We found a gravel beach between the two islands, and the kids spent hours  finding shells.
Sea urchins were the most desirable.

We had four kids, so we needed to find four sea urchins, and we did.

Oh, yeah, we're happy now.

Is there anything more beautiful than the sunshine sparkling on water, with kids searching the shore?

Vacation is just permission to access my own center, my own serenity, my own real purpose.

And my job on vacation is to take pictures.
Like them, or not.

I love these girls.


Country Girl said...

As soon as I saw that bridge, I said "Deer Isle"!! And I am so sorry you went to Fisherman's Friend. I would have warned you. When I stayed on Deer Isle a few years ago, I saw a painter walking down the street and I asked him where I could go to get some decent food and it was him that warned me about FF along the water. I ended up going to a small place along the main street there and it was very good. Did you go to Sand Beach, because I know that yellow boat! I think that boat's been in the water for years. Ha!
Your girls are beautiful. Beautiful! And so are the grands. Love Deer Isle. But yeah, not for the shopping . . .

Marsel said...

I love that you all carve out time to spend's a wonderful thing, isn't it?!

MarthaVA said...

I luv the sparkles on the water. Lovely family you have there too! :-)
Love all the photos - even if the models didn't like being models. lol


Karen said...

Love these photos, you done good! Your girls and grandkids are beautiful. As is MAINE!!.. I gotta get there again.. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lili said...

I like your vacation "job" and I must say you are VERY good at it! ~Lili

Anonymous said...

Hi. We spent our vacation in Maine too... when I saw the word Stonington, and looked at the next photo, I thought they were stones on the roof at first! My favorite photo is the pink petunias and the red shutters. You have an eye for color. Jane
Jane Tims

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Because every thread counts