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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Working for a living.

Oh, my.
The weekend was busy, and tired me right out.
But I had the Toika warped for a BIG rug, so Monday was back to work as usual.
Sometimes, I don't eat anything until I get to the studio.
From november

Something quick. A bagel. An English muffin. A bowl of cereal.
And a cuppa tea. Of course.
From november

This rug was a lot of work. When it is on the loom, it is hard to tell if the color combinations are good ones, or not.
Then you take it off the loom, and lay it on the floor, to see what you've got.
From november

Two sections 4.5' wide by 16' long.
From november

There are actually TWO rugs here, one on top of the other.
They will be seamed together, a job done while sitting on the floor.
From november

This rug is going in a bedroom.
From november

Kizzy doesn't do quality control. He isn't really all that interested.
From november

The kittens that I captured are ready to be adopted. After a month with the daughter of a friend of a friend, they are sociable, and lovable. One tiger, one black. Both males.
I am going to put it on Facebook, and email everyone I know, and hope for a miracle. It isn't easy finding homes for kittens, no matter how cute they are.
I will hopefully have pictures of them soon.
Maybe if I offered to deliver a kitten......within say 500 you think that would help?
I must be working too hard, I can barely keep my eyes open, and it is only 7:15pm.
Time for a day off and a road trip.


claudia said...

How about each kitten comes with a little rug to sleep on. The new family would have something special to go with their new family member. (I'm just thinking a small kitty sized rug)

Gail said...

Now I am hopelessly hungry and in love with that rug.

Doris said...

I love the colors in the rug. The picture of Kizzy is darling. I hope you find good homes for the kitties.

Sojourner Design said...

Hey Hilary,
That rug looks great! The colors worked really nicely together. But here's a question: once you're finished seaming it together on the floor, how do you get up again? Don't think I could do that at this point!


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Because every thread counts