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Saturday, November 13, 2010

A little romance. Very little.

All morning, the cat food on the porch was untouched. I worried that something might have happened to Bubba-lee. Her boyfriend, a big gray and white cat that follows her around, came to eat. But no Bubba-lee.
Then, late afternoon, she appeared.
From november

Unfortunately, I am afraid that her wandering may have something to do with the boyfriend, and hormones that are beyond her control.
I am going to try to catch her this week. Wish me luck.
Then Mr. Gray and White is next. He might just go for the sardines in the Havahart.

I worked all day.......SURPRISE!
But I had an order that I have been trying to get done. And I was on a roll.
Four rugs: (2) 3'x4' and (2) 30"x 109"
From november

I am very happy with the way they turned out. I have been working on them most of the week, prepping the fabric, and then weaving the rugs.
From november

But this is what makes me even happier........

From november

Ah, ready for the UPS man on Monday morning.
And now, my feet are up, and I'm knitting a pair of socks. Trying to decide what I want to do tomorrow.
Good night, all.


claudia said...

We caught four kittens (around 10 or so weeks old) at my work. Three of them in the last two days. My clam chowder from lunch worked and then they put out a little chopped up lunch meat and cheese to catch the other two. Now we are going to try to get the Mama. She will be spayed and brought back to the store. The kittens should be able to be tamed down enough to be adopted out. Mama has a job at the store...the rats and mice are her department. I would have brought one of the kittens home, but they are just too wild at this point and I don't think my dogs would be of any help at all in taming it down.
Nice rugs!
I am almost to the point of building my Navajo Rug Loom...Monday, Tuesday I will do that. Then I will be teaching myself how to do that.
I'm thinking about working towards making saddle blankets. I don't is just a thought!

A Brit in Tennessee said...

If you are using a live trap to catch her, try sardines. They are smelly, but they certainly do the trick, when it comes to luring them in.
She's a sweet girl !

Delighted Hands said...

Love the rugs...very nice to have coordinating rugs like that. I didn't know you knit! Very cool.

Anonymous said...

From fabrics, to loom, to the box. It's so fun to see your finished product.


KathyA said...

Visiting from Blue Ridge Girl's blog. I love your header -- particularly the calico cat. I had one for years -- Jezebel -- she was a real character -- as I think many calicoes are -- something in the genetic make up, perhaps?
Your weaving is impressive. What a marvelous skill to have! Kathy

Anonymous said...

I love your sense of colour! Beautiful work!

Nancy said...

Love the rugs and I'll be whoever they are bound for are going to love them, too! Well done, you deserve to put your feet up.

Jabberwarpy said...

Those rugs are great. Nice work.

J'Ollie Primitives said...

beautiful rugs, as always!

I hear that some vets will tatoo feral cats' bellies after spaying them ~ so if they are recaptured and taken to the vet (again) they don't have to go through the procedure twice. Smart idea.

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts