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Friday, November 26, 2010


Bet you thought I didn't have room for another loom, right?
Well, never say never.
My newest addiction.
From november

I LOVE it. It's so small, and portable. And it's so much fun.
From november

This is a veg out project in front of the TV. It's that easy. Honest.

Finished two blue jean rugs, 3'x5'.
From november

And completed the last order for a week of getting ready for the Christmas in the Country tour.
It's next Friday, Saturday and Sunday, 10-5. The studio will be open, with lots of Christmas stuff.
But before it happens, there will be a whole lotta cleaning going on.

I just gotta say.....this show Sister Wives has been on for the last 20 minutes.
I'm not a prude, but does that gross anybody out besides me?????? Are those women nuts?

Where's Everybody Loves Raymond?


Anonymous said...

Sister wives doesn't gross me out, but it's certainly a lifestyle that I could not commit to or be happy in. All those people under one roof would drive me nuts!!!

Kittymum said...

I watched the first two or three Sister Wives and then lost interest. I couldn't imagine sharing my husband with three other women!! There has to be a lot of repressed jealousy in that house.

Country Girl said...

Never seen Sister Wives. Don't think it's a show I would like. I've been knitting in front of the tv.

claudia said...

Sister Wives...let's just say it is on my list of things I just don't get! More power to them if that's how they want to live though. I certainly would not air my lifestyle on TV. (I'm too boring and mundane for that to be watched anyway)
That little Kumihimo Loom is the one that got me starting to think I need to weave. I saw it at a Quilt show this year and was hooked from the very second I laid eyes on it. I carry it around in a zip lock bag in my purse. So much fun, so relaxing.

Driftwood and Pumpkin said...

That show is so bizarre. I too miss Everybody Loves Raymond. Hilarious!

Nancy Louise said...

I think it would be a great way for a bunch of bi-sexual women to get along... But that does not mean I want to watch it. I have seen the show, but knowing how I feel about MY husband, sheesh I am just plain too selfish. And if I DID have to share, I would not want to sleep with him after he slept with the others. I mean, it just too yucky to me to think I would really be having "relations" with all the other wives through his actions. As for all the people in the house, you be surprise how easily you could learn to carve out a space for YOU in a crowded home like that. It also makes the chores a bit easier to do. One big downer however, is that women tend to have a lot of gender inequality in this kind of culture. Becoming more strongly tied to being a breeder than a partner in the Parenting process. Something this feminist fully is against.

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