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Monday, September 6, 2010


It isn't that I am getting sick of Maine.
And there are more pictures, and more to tell.
But I don't want you to think I am up here in Northeast NY sitting on my hands.
Not happening.
I have an order going to kidding!
A 9x13 blue jean rug.
So there have been warps to put on.
From Weaving

And I was missed. Seriously.
First of all, two of my cats were feral. Kizzy was 4 months old when I caught him in a Havaheart trap in my back yard.
Neither my husband, or my neighbor, saw him the whole week I was gone.
And when I walked in after my vacay, and called his name, he came right out. Since then, he has followed me around, climbed on me, jumped up on the computer table, the loom, anywhere he had a chance to get between me and whatever I was doing. He is a one woman cat. Period.
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Jinx was just a kitten when I caught her in the Havaheart. She is different than Kizzy. While he hides a lot, she is always more visible. But on the other hand, he is cuddly, and loves to have me hold him, kiss him, brush fact, he lets me do anything with him. As long as it's me.
Jinx will only let me pet her and love her if she is lying down comfortable somewhere. Then it's time. Other than that, Jinx is usually flying by.
Until yesterday.
I guess she did miss me, after all.
First she watched me.
From Weaving

Then she got comfortable.
From Weaving

Then when she really got tired, she was still not very far away.
From Weaving

In the spirit of zero waste, which is what it's all about around here, I found a use for those itsy bitsy pieces of socks that I cut off after I make the fringe-y placemats.
I love it, though I am not sure if it's because it's wonderful, or I'm nuts.
I never know.
From Weaving

I call it a garland. I am thinking at Christmas it would be lovely over a window, maybe even on the tree.

From Weaving

So now that you know that I am not being a slug at the studio.....
We did take a little side trip to the little town I used to live in, China, Maine.
This is China Lake.
From Loving Maine

I used to have a house right on this lake. Many moons ago.
We had lunch on the shore.
And once again.......a little attitude!
From Loving Maine

Heading back to the ocean, we passed the house I bought in Maine in Branch Mills.
From Loving Maine

It didn't used to be yellow....ack!

From Loving Maine

This was right across the road.
From Loving Maine

This old granary looks exactly the same. Kind of unloved.
From Loving Maine

This used to be the general store.
From Loving Maine

Ah, it brought back all kinds of memories.
On the way to Camden, the views were spectacular.
From Loving Maine

All in all, a lovely day.
But it is still good to be home.
Coming soon:
Photos of my dear husband, slaving away at home, taking care of the dog, the cats, my mother. Cooking, cleaning, running errands, allowing me to be free as a general....Being a prince.
Just kidding about the pictures.
But dead serious about the prince part.
My very own Prince Charming, in fact.


Anonymous said...

I love the garland, very festive for Christmas...and I love your old house. Cute!
Jaimieb in IL

Karen said...

Love that yellow house!..and the garland.. and the love you have for your prince charming. Yay for happy endings.

Country Girl said...

Your cats are beautiful. As are the photos. And that garland is pretty fun, actually. You are not crazy. Well, crazy as a loom but still!

Lili said...

I just love the photos of your cats lounging on and around your work, pure contentment! Oh and that garland looks so delightful on your white porch railing too. Your husband does sound like a prince and you his princess! Your old house is some beautiful right there with that view. I can only imagine how nice it looked when you were there with your wonderful sense of style. ~Lili

bspinner said...

Maine is so pretty!!! My husband goes there for a week every November to go hunting.

Garland is wonderful!!!! Those kitties sure do love you.

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Because every thread counts