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Monday, September 20, 2010

No more fax.

I guess you have seen enough pictures of the resident cats at the studio to know that they are somewhat intrusive. They love nothing better than to flop down in front of me, no matter what I am doing. They have no boundaries. None, whatever.
From autumn

That is Kizzy, on the computer desk. He loves to lay on whatever I am doing, and impede my view of the screen.
One of them has a habit of pushing the phone off the desk, with their butt. Or, they sit on the buttons, and next thing you know, the answering machine doesn't pick up, and everyone that calls hears the fax going off.
So I fixed them.
I bought a small shelf that fits behind neatly behind my chair, and I put the cash register, and the credit card machine, and the PHONE on it.
Aha, take that.
From autumn

I realize that it is a small thing, but it made me very happy.
Another thing that made me happy, was having someone actually show up to do loopers.
A very nice young man, and he cleaned loopers all day.
I didn't want to blatantly take his picture, but if you look over the railing,you can see him sitting in front of the barn, and in the foreground, you can see my stray kitty checking him out over breakfast.
From autumn

Don't know if he will be back, but hey, you never know. He made some cash, and he certainly didn't kill himself. He said he found it 'meditative'. Ah, so. A little zen.
And I have someone else coming to audition for this position tomorrow.
I tried all kinds of other things today. Tried sliding the loopers on a rake handle, and blowing the threads off with a leaf blower. I tried putting them on a screen, and sucking the threads off from underneath the screen with a shop vac.
But interestingly, nothing is as fast as two nimble hands. That's my opinion, and my worker bee agreed.
Got some new placemats going.
Not sure what to call them. I always feel the need to NAME stuff.
Le fringe.
From autumn

They sure are bright. I will definitely be making more of these.
From autumn

The Hip to Be Square Looper Looms are flying right out of the studio. And I have more coming, which is a good thing.
I will be selling them this weekend at the Southern Adirondack Fiber Festival, at the Washington County Fairgrounds, in Greenwich, NY.
Just in case you're in the area.
Now I have to go make a couple of fiesta skirts. It's either that or more baseball.
And I am pretty much baseballed out.


Country Girl said...

It's baseball here. Interspersed with Dancing with the Stars. I'm not sure which is worse.

Anonymous said...

GO RED SOX'S!!!!! are they playing tonight?? i'm watching CNN while i clean 'loopers'! Lois

Anonymous said...

Sounds like life is good!


I'm glad you finally got some decent help, for a moment there I thought you'd work 24/7 just to get loopers done.

Benita said...

How do you purchase the looper looms online? I'm probably blind and am staring right at it, but... HELP! :)

Welcome to my world.

Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts