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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Smell the cookies.


If you were to come into my studio today, you would have been greeted by the smell of Greek honey cookies baking. 16 dozen of them.
Ava was playing, she did say they smelled great. But she really wasn't interested in making them with me.
That's a lot of cookies, let me tell ya.
And a huge mess.
I did think about taking pictures, but honestly, my hands were all honey and dough, and it was just too much trouble.

Tomorrow is my last chance to get done what I need to do. Then Friday, the open house will begin. From 10-5 for three days, people will be dropping by. I will be doing weaving demonstrations, and showing people how to weave. I will be "on" all weekend long.
By Sunday, I will be totally tired.
Who am I kidding? I'm tired now!
Lately, I have begun to enjoy sleeping in. But let me clarify. By sleeping in, I mean 7:30 ish. Even 7:45 at times. OMG. I feel totally lazy about it, and it feels like I'm at a different place suddenly. I used to open my eyes any time after 6am, and my feet would hit the floor almost immediately. But these days, I am apparently being nicer to myself than usual. Now there's an idea.

Today a man from my home town was killed. He was well known to the community, from his bleached blond hair, to his skin tight spandex jogging pants. He ran all over town.....miles and miles and miles. He was an electrician, but never ordinary or boring.
This morning, while jogging up the highway right outside of town, he was hit by a tractor trailer. The driver didn't even realize that he had hit anyone. Someone found him much later, in the ditch. Alledgedly, his last words were "blue tractor trailer".

So whatever complaint I have foot hurts, I'm tired, my house is disgusting because I spend so much time at the studio, whatever........I'm alive. I'm here. I get another chance at it tomorrow. I can be a better person, I can work harder, give more, be kinder, learn something, I can create myself all over again, tomorrow.
Every day the sun comes up, and every day that I am here to see it, I am grateful.


Country Girl said...

You are awesome.

Wishing you a wonderful open house this weekend. You've worked so hard! And those cookies sound awesome.

Sharon said...

Our neighbor to the north has a English Mastiff - he's huge and he's non-aggressive. Someone driving too fast on these dirt roads one morning hit him and then drove on. Zeus weighs as much as a person - they had to know. It's been disturbing. Fortunately Zeus only sustained a broken leg.

Charlotte said...

How many cookies?!! Sounds like you'll deserve a big long lie in after your open weekend, hope that goes really well for you. It's so sad when someone loses their life in their prime, reminder that life is fragile.

Ginny said...

My husband was struck off his motorcycle in May on the way to work. He had a broken back and a shattered wrist and elbow, but he's alive. I still wonder if the woman who hit him and paid her $35(!) ticket realizes what the months of recovery have been like for us.

But it made us both realize there is no time like the present! He's learning pottery, and I'm diving into weaving. Every new day is a thankful day for me.

KarenInTheWoods said...

Yes, sometimes we just think of our own aches and pains and not of the big scope of things... that is a shame he had to die that way, oh gosh.

Good luck with your weekend, and hope you do well!

Anonymous said...

Silver lining: He died doing something he obviously loved. We should all be so lucky.

My condolences.

Benita said...

You know, as good as those cookies sound, what I'd love to do is rummage through that basket of full bobbins. Oooo! Looks like fun!!! ...and calorie free. :)

Daryl said...

Wishing you many sales ... and good weather .. I too feel glad when I open my eyes every morning, its keeping that feeling going when the day gets crazy thats a bit tougher ..

red or gray art said...

i am thinking of you hoping the open house goes well and wishing I could pop in for real ~blessings elk

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Because every thread counts