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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Slogging through.

I am done with winter, as I am sure many of us are.
I tried.  
I really did.
I got out and walked right through November, December, and January.
Then in February the ice came......and lots of snow.
Walking became treacherous, and I admit it....I'm terrified of breaking something......anything.

I know, without a doubt, that my neck/head would do poorly with a fall.

This was this morning's temp.
March is not showing any signs of a let up.

I may have lost it.......I'm doing a puzzle.
God help me.

The good news is, my headache is better since my last post.   Doable.   
It's interesting to me, that when it lets up, it takes me days to realize it.
I just slip into the goodness of it, like an old shoe.......until suddenly, I realize, and whisper, "omg, 
it's better, it's so much better."

I wish there were some rhyme, or reason.   I can't find it if there is.
I do know that my ostepathic manipulative treatments make the difference....,and sometimes once a month is too far apart.

This was one of our last walks........cleats and about 5 lbs of extra clothes.

Looking for moles and voles.

Looking at me through the window......I can almost hear her saying......"What????"

Still weaving towels on the AVL.....have quite a ways to go to get the stock up for the summer.

And there's a new loom in the studio.
The Octado is gone.....
And in its place is a Louet David.

It's smaller, lighter, not computerized.
36" wide, 8 harness.

It treadles like a lightly.
It's quiet.
I really like it alot.

It was easy to sley, easy to thread, and the warp went on quite smoothly.

So far I've got four baby blankets off it, and I think I might have enough warp for 3 more.

I am debating whether or not to keep chickens, or not.
They are a lot of work, and chicken feed is not cheap.

Then I end up giving most of the eggs away........DH and I can't eat that many.  I figure 
I go to a lot of trouble for a couple of dozen eggs a week.

But on the other hand, I do really like the girls.  I like watching them, listening to their conversations, and if you're going to have eggs, you want theirs, not some awful things from the grocery store.

Right now I'm dealing with rats in the hen house......they've chewed a hole right through the bottom of the automatic door.....luckily I have another door, for emergencies, that I can manually drop down, to keep them out while I take measures to evict them permanently.
Or until the next time.
I haven't had them for a few years.
The saying is, you have chickens, you have rats.

Not sure what happened here.

I'm trying to be patient, and not be impulsive.
Thinking maybe that the combination of rats and bitter winter cold may be
the reason I'm having second thoughts about being a chicken momma.

Oh, and getting skunked about 6 times out of the last two weeks has not improved my frame of mind.

That's another post.


Theresa said...

I have a David too. I love that loom. Such a treat to weave on. Then again, I love my big old Macomber too and the LeClerc Fanny. All surprisingly easy to treadle. Sorry the computerized Louet didn't work out for you.

Joanne Noragon said...

You make me miss our old looms so much. My beautiful Louet Fanny's! I bought a Louet Artistat last year, and while I'm not a fan of jack looms, I do love weaving again.

Peg Cherre said...

They say we should get some temp breaks this weekend. I sure hope so! When I lived in the sticks I ended up getting rid of my chickens due to ‘varmints’ - with raccoons being a constant problem. Didn’t have rats, though.
Your loom turnover is always surprising and impressive to me.

Denise at Autumn Sky said...

We've just let our chicken numbers decline with their passing. I never imagined they'd live this long but my remaining 3 are now 8 years old...and laying eggs! I don't know if I would keep them in a cold winter climate because they are a lot of work. But like you, I just love so much about them. Gathering eggs is still special to me. And I don't eat eggs because I'm allergic. Winter will pass and you will be out walking again soon. You are stronger than I because I would never survive your long Winters.

James and Brigitta said...

Ah, you got me confused for a moment. Keeping chickens? I thought you had some? And those eggs? But duhh .. you mean 'keep keeping them'. OK, this happens with my brain a lot lately .. On an other note, I scored an Ashford 4-harness table loom at the thrift store some years (I know) ago and every-time I think I'll start something I'm just overwhelmed and confused (again!). What will I make, what yarn do I need and how much, can I use my hand-spun, and so on and so fort. How would you start?

Karen said...

I thought about giving them up too, then I looked at the contents of the store bought carton and that dull yolk just said nope. For me, having tended horses most of my life, chickens are a breeze, and much cheaper than the hay burners. Chicken keeping is definitely a chore, though, but I look at it as keeping me moving. I say keep them around till summer - and if you still feel the same, then consider getting rid of them.

Lydia La La said...

I admire your enterprise. To suffer the pain from that mongrel head injury and then the hips problem and still function is super human.

I know nothing about weaving except admiration for the Weaver and the finished product. You and Louise are a team of productive weavers, then just for something to do, you mend and complete a quilt!
If only I had quarter of your energy through my life. Well done.
Poultry are special and even though not a lot of work, they need to be safe. Costly... definitely!
We are coming out of a rotten summer here. Fires, horrendous .floods losing close to 800,000 head of cattle plus nearly all wild life in those areas. Except feral cats and whatever could climb trees. The drought is still ongoing.
Luckily, I don't have a property with cattle any more to lose sleep over but give me the country life any time!
I wish you many more less pain days. xx

Unknown said...

I saw on Ravelry someone was traveling to NY to buy an Octado and a I was wondering if it was you! She said how much she enjoyed chatting with you. I have the Louet David too and love it. We kept chickens for years then gave them up. We plan to have them again when we move in retirement. I loved my girls.

Nancy said...

Our girls are getting up there in age too. We're down to 6 from 12. We've had a terrible problem with rats last summer. Just awful. But I do love my girls but I think I'm going to not replace them for a while when they're gone. With my husbands upcoming BMT, we really won't be here much to take care of them.

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Because every thread counts