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Monday, December 31, 2018

Goodbye 2018

OK, I have given up on the idea of putting my photos on my blog from my iPad, then finishing the post on my laptop.

So here I am on New Year's Eve.........not standing in Times Square without an umbrella, so I guess that makes me smarter than some.
I did, however, sit in the hot tub and listen to the rain.
I did not have the coffee with Bailey's, even though I bought a tiny bottle with one serving of it for that purpose.  
I am sitting here  eating home made popcorn, that I over salted........watching my recently hand dyed bamboo dry in front  of the stove.  Hubby has his head phones, so life is is quiet.
Naya is asleep at my feet.

Yesterday, my sweet granddaughter  saw the dollhouse for the first time.  It was a big hit.   She thinks my rendition is "perfect", and though I know I am not that talented at decorating dollhouses, if she says so, then that's good enough for me.

It presently resides in the spare bedroom upstairs, which we call the "blue room".   Positioned on the dressing table, she can sit in the chair and have easy access to it.   Eventually she will take it home.

Another big hit was the antique tractor that used to be my cousins.......bought for him on his 3rd birthday, and he is now 47.    I bought new pedals for it, and DH gave it a good scrubbing.

That did go home with be ridden on it their ridiculously huge basement for now, then outside in good weather.

Lois and I are starting to build up the inventory here at CAAL.

She just made this, and I really, really love the colors.

I have been spending some considerable time in the front bedroom, winding warps to dye.   Tedious, but necessary.
I never thought I would get used to the warping mill, but I am now, and really like it.

Today walking Naya, we came across one of these trees with the thick bark.......Lois and I both want to know what kind of tree it if you have any clue, please do tell.
They are BIG trees.

I know at the end of the year, you are supposed to be here goes:

Yes, I still had headaches this year, daily, stupid headaches.  But hey, I'm still I guess I win.
Headaches be damned.   I continue to  refuse to give in.
Lois and I did a lot of humping around to shows this past year, and I commented more than once that maybe we were getting too old for it, but thinking about it, I've decided that ......hell, no.
We're not too old.
We may groan a little louder, but we are still doing our thing.  And doing it well, I might add.
We make a good team, and we weave some beautiful things that we can be proud of.    And what else would we be doing, if we weren't doing this?   Scary to think of.

Naya came into my life in 2018......and while I said I wasn't going to get a young dog.......she's only 3......and somehow it might have been exactly what I needed.  During Roy's last couple of years, he couldn't walk far, so I didn't either.   That may have not been in my best interest.  
I used to think about how I was going to squeeze a walk into my day. walk is my first priority.........I decide first thing when it will be, then I fit the rest of my day around it.   So, every day, we walk......45-60 minutes......unless it pours or is freezing rain, we walk.   And I've lost 30 lbs this year.....hard to believe. (  full disclosure:   I gained 3 lbs of it back over the holidays)

So I may have saved Naya, and she may have saved me.

Life is hard sometimes, and there are days that I we all do.   But the bottom line is that I still love my life, and I am grateful.......always......for what I have.......for being on my feet, still thinking, weaving, walking, being with my family, and friends.

As for resolutions.....

Happy New Year everyone!!!


Unknown said...

You're an inspiration Hilary, as always. Happy New year, may it be filled with health and happiness, and lots of weaving.

Best regards, Nancy

A Brit in Tennessee said...

May you continue to plod on...headache or not, you are a trooper in my book !
That is one delightful little doll house, what a lucky little girl, and by the looks of it, she thought so too :)
Here's wishing you and yours a Happy and Healthy New Year, may your blessings be many :)

Sheila said...

Happy New Year Hillary!

Diane in Oregon said...

Happy new year! So glad you're still here and posting!

They might be sweet gum trees -

Any signs of the spiny seed pods?

Joanne Noragon said...

I think sweet gum is right, especially if you see a lot of big prickly pods on the ground.
I did shows by myself, and my test every year was if I could lift the hand truck into the back of the van.
Have a wonderful year.

Margaret said...

Happy New Year from a lurker! Those look like some sort of Ash trees to me.

ktweaver said...

Probably a shag-bark hickory...I have several in my woods. I doubt it's a sweet gum.....they likely don't grow this far north.

Just Because said...

Look up cottonwood. They grow close to sources of water. Creeks, rivers, swamps and have pods that release white tufts in the summer. Hence, their name.

Denise said...

Happy New Year. I think your sweet pup was the best part of your year. Good for you losing the weight. My turn, next.

Pat said...

Loved your idea - Bollocks on "getting" old - Bollocks !!!

Marcia said...

The tree may be a cottonwood or black willow.

Devon said...

Happy New Year! I think that might be a cottonwood tree. I am inspired by your appreciation of the simple good things in your life. May 2019 be a happy and peace filled year for you and your family!

Karen said...

Happy New Year!! I love this post for many reasons... and 30 lbs!!! Awesomeness! You and Naya, a beautiful thing. absolutely love the colors in L's new weave, gorgeous combo. said...

I'd be a bit lost without our dogs, and a lot less healthy. Well done on losing 30lbs, I have to shift a bit myself this year. I totally agree with you and Patsy on the New Year resolution thing too! Happy New Year.

Shammickite said...

Be as fabulous as you possibly can! Good old Patsy!
And the bark on those trees looks like angels wings.

Daryl said...

gosh i have been negligent ... happy new year ... i wish i had a dollhouse like that .. i am not kidding i have wanted one since i was Dale's age!

can you not sync your iPad w/your computer? do you have a PC or a MAC? i believe that even w/a PC you can sync your iPad so your photos move to the PC (or MAC) and can then be uploaded to your blog ...

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Because every thread counts

Because every thread counts