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Friday, December 21, 2018

Winter perspective

I have to share this photo with grand girl getting her hair cut.

The look needs no's perfect.

It's the look I imagine I have whenever the news comes on.

My friend in Georgia made this for me for Christmas.   She didn't have to spend a lot of money.
She only had to know me.
It's the best gift ever.

When I found the wool in the storeroom, and wound it into balls, I got motivated to clean in there..
then I found this quilt top I had sewn just needed batting and a backing, and then it needed to be quilted.
So I spent one whole day doing's king size, so it took me ALL day.

Then I sent it to someone I hope will be happy to have it.

Merry Christmas.

OK, let me tell you what NOT to not put your photos on your blog via your iPad, and then write your post on your laptop, then GO BACK to add another photo on your iPad.....because when you do...your entire post is gone.

Rant over.

I have been (apparently) quite verbal about my dislike of FACESINCELLPHONES........not that I don't use mine....I do.   But I don't have it in my face, especially when I am in social situations.

But it happens all the time......of course.
You know it.

When I mention it to my children/grandchildren, I am told that I am's not that bad.......that it's not any different than what kids have always done.
I disagree.....and it's not just kids.
It's grown's OLD PEOPLE, too.

Makes me wonder, seriously wonder, what this world is headed for.

Rosie came to visit as well....the "collie mix" that the SPCA told my daughter she was adopting.

But she clearly resembles 99.9%, a picture of the New Hampshire State dog....the Chinook.

I think that when the SPCA goes south, and rescues a bus load of puppies, that they should just admit that they have NO CLUE about what breeds of dogs they will grow up to be.

Sometimes, I just sew all day.   I usually am making things from my scrap basket.

This cowl was from the last warp.

The birds got a Christmas treat, it looks yummy to me.........they apparently agree.

I bought myself a Christmas present.......yep, a water heater for my bird bath.

Bubba Lee is keeping her eye on it.

 I haven't seen one bird near it.  Not one.

This is my venture with wool rugs, woven from those balls of yarn I wound last week.
They are pretty...but they definitely need a padding underneath them.

I still have enough for one more warp........which is going on the Octado soon.

I wanted the pattern to pop more than it kind of disappears.

You can see the pattern better in the next two photos..........

I have to admit, I will be glad when Christmas is over.  I am a true Bah Humbug.......I wish that weren't true, but it is.
Oh, not that I don't love the lights, and the time with family......I love buying gifts for the people I care about......but it's just too much hoopla.
People spending money that they clearly don't have, on things they clearly don't need.
People on the roads, in bad weather, sleeping in airports because travel is such a heartache during the holidays.   Stores shoulder to shoulder with people looking frantic, no one looking like they are really having a good time.
Too much hype, taking the true meaning of the season out of context.

I try to keep it simple in my own head, and I refuse to get sucked into the frenzy.   I used to,
But no more.

Why can't we be charitable, and giving, and good, and loving all year long????

Why can't we just keep it simple?  Why cant we just pu't our phones down, stop instagraming, snap chatting, face booking, spending money, why can't we just be still?

I don't wonder anymore, why home and studio seem to be the most soothing place in the world.

Nope, I don't wonder at all.


Unknown said...

The rugs are gorgeous, wonderful transition of colors, thank you for posting.

Our kids are young adults, I kept it pretty simple and small and shopped locally or online, I do like gift giving. There is a charkha under the tree for me and I can't wait to open it and spin.

It's the cleaning and cooking that tires me out, but like you, I love to be with my family.

Merry Christmas, thanks for all your posts, I so enjoy them.

Best regards, Nancy

Theresa said...

How did the haircut turn out? That pup is adorable no matter what the heritage. Such expressive faces on both child and pup! As always lovely rugs. I have a heated birdbath too. They seem to be bypassing some of the feeders but the warm water always draws them mid day.
Have a wonderful holiday Hilary. Hugs!

re'New said...

I'm more of a humbug type, myself. I never have enjoyed getting a gift that was given because it was required at the moment.... My giving usually happens spontaneously throughout the year, or it can be really fun when I have something I'm excited about giving.

I used to be over the top with decorating, and cookie baking... Not anymore when there are few to share it with that really appreciate it.

I yearn for more time with my children and my own homey space again that I can share with them and friends.

Hope you have a peaceful and happy Christmas Hillary. said...

Beautiful rugs and well said about people's faces in their phones all the time. I don't do all the hype and stay out of stores completely except for the quick run in. I had to run into Target to get shower curtains( you can read the whole fiasco on my blog) but I was in and out in 10 minutes!!

Alsan said...

I just read your blog from today. Hillary you are fantastic. Perhaps you need to hear it, or I simply needed to say it to you. I read your blog as soon as I see it among my emails. You brighten my days as well as give me inspiration. Thank you!

Devon said...

What a wonderful post. I agree with it all from phone in faces to the soul sucking frenzy that is our modern Christmas. I had a potter friend make me a coffee mug a couple months ago that says "Be Still."
Wishing you peace and joy in the new year Hillary!

P.S. I love the cowl.

Daryl said...

i agree!

Peg Cherre said...

That puppy is just too adorable, regardless of breed. I don't know chinook so couldn't have recognized that. Hopefully they are a friendly breed.

I think the rugs are beautiful, too.

I used to be way over the top at Christmas, but not any more. I do what makes me happy, although there is still some stress. ;-)

Pat said...

The last photo is truly wonderful. I enjoy your rants because I feel the same way. Always nice to find that I am not alone. Enjoy the Holiday with your loved ones. It give us an excuse to get together and laugh !!! said...

I totally agree with your rants regarding use of technology and of Christmas overkill. That little pup is so adorable and looks just how I imagine our Elsie would have looked at that age. Wishing you and your family a Happy New Year.

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Because every thread counts